Where losing is for winners


Yumeko is the undeniable embodiment of the term compulsive gambler, as she repeatedly demonstrates her inability to avoid high-risk situations. No one can deny that she has incredible acting skills, but she gets so often carried away by the adrenaline rush that she throws all logic out the window.

This is basically the reason why Yumeko hasn’t racked up that many votes in the election (so far). While her mind games have greatly aided a select few, they have also destroyed the lives of others, making Yumeko the most disruptive player in the entire Hyakkaou Aquarium at kakegurui.


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Marie, Marie, quite the opposite

Mary Saotome initially comes across as such an unlikable character that most viewers assume she is the show’s main antagonist, and yet, by the end of Kakegurui XX, she has one of the biggest fanbases in the series. Mary is technically an underdog, coming from a less fortunate family with no significant financial backing, promoting the blonde bombshell to take her game very seriously. In attempting to secure a victory, Mary regularly relies on cheating tactics delivered so easily that they are virtually undetectable; until Yumeko gets a ride!

Yumeko not only sees through the deception, but she publicly humiliates Mary, subsequently knocking the girl off her selfish pedestal. Humiliated and desperate, Mary ends up losing again and becoming a pet, but essentially remembers her true goals at Hyakkaou Academy: eliminating the sadistic Student Council system. Mary reluctantly begins to team up with Yumeko as they give Kirari and her people hell, eventually disrupting the aquarium enough to create an opportunity for Mary to grab the presidential title.

the scammer

As the only freshman in the Student Council, Itsuki Sumeragi has some big shoes to fill, but luckily she has a few tricks up her sleeve! The daughter of a prominent Japanese toymaker has access to every game hack imaginable, from trick dice to trick games and more; virtually guaranteeing Itsuki’s winning streak. As is human nature, the power goes straight to her head and she develops a sadomasochistic fetish for picking up human fingernails, torn from the hands of her unsuccessful opponents.

When Yumeko’s fingers are put on the line (the first time, anyway), she lulls Itsuki into a false sense of security before utterly destroying her in “Double Focus”. As a result, Itsuki is expelled from the Student Council and clings to Yumeko in an attempt to regain some status (nothing more.) However, by spending time with the raven-haired beauty, Itsuki eventually learns to tap into her side. disinterested. and transforms into one of the Academy’s most trusted companions, and literally risks everything for Yumeko and Kaede.

Pride and Prejudice

The School Council treasurer is certainly a very powerful young man, but that is clearly not enough for Kaede Manyuda, who has set his sights on the presidential post. However, Yumeko proves to the power-hungry bully that greed and ego have no place alongside dreams and aspirations, as they will essentially cancel each other out.

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Yumeko obviously saw great potential in Kaede, as she used her “Official Match” leverage on him, even though she was supposed to save him for the great Kirari Momobami. Kaede’s brutal defeat hit him so hard that he ends up white-haired and hospitalized, with no control over his life plan (which Yumeko offered Itsuki.) With some friendly encouragement, Kaede manages to snaps out of a deep depression and makes a big comeback by joining Yumeko in her attack on the Momobami clan. He may not have won “The Greater Good Game”, but he did manage to win Itsuki’s heart, some self-respect, and the admiration of many fans with his conduct in the whole affair.

The mask thrown away

This anime-only character arguably benefited the most from their encounter with the infamous Yumeko, who apparently had her eye on unsuspecting Rei Batsubami the entire time. The androgynous servant arrives at Hyakkaou Academy with the rest of the Momobami clan, but clearly shares neither of their statuses. As “butler” of the Hundred Devouring Families, Rei lived a miserable life of servitude, supposedly due to her family’s gambling debts.

Through basic common courtesy, Rei gains many domestic admirers who happily “give away” their votes, giving the servant enough leverage to attempt to claim the title of President. “The Hundred Votes Auction” was basically rigged to destroy the opposition and knock them out of the race, but naturally, Yumeko gets in the way.

Refusing to lose but seeing nothing sinister in their actions, Yumeko urges Rei to reveal her true self, and a beautiful and bold lady emerges to play confidently against all odds. Even though she ends up losing her votes and being eliminated from the election, Kirari sees potential in Rei and offers her independence for the first time in her life, as well as a new self-proclaimed name that holds greater status than Bastubami. .

The Yumeko Effect

Yumeko’s influence is best shown during the “Tarot Cards of Fate”, where she manages to convince the very cautious Ryota Suzui to take an extremely daring risk that would affect her entire gaming career. Instead of evaluating the sticky situation and making a more informed decision, Ryota succumbs to Yumeko’s temptations and chooses a card by pure chance, which is so out of place! He continues to become more involved in the game scene afterward, putting himself in (potentially deadly) situations he would rather avoid, but desperate to help Yumeko when needed.

Yumeko is fully aware of the magnetizing effect she has on people, and she uses it to her full advantage, as often as physically possible. Her attempts to “save people” always align with Yumeko’s gaming aspirations, and her victim-turned-friends have become invaluable allies in multiplayer games, not to mention financially.

Does she really care about Hyakkaou Academy’s morals and values, as her actions suggest, or is it all just part of Yumeko’s larger plan involving her mysterious connection to the Momobami clan? Is it just a massive, manipulative mind game, with an exhilarating thrill to boot? There’s clearly more to Yumeko Jabami than meets the eye.

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