What was the moment when a poacher killed his friend with a bullet to the chest


The office of the prosecutor responsible for investigating the crime of Second Henry Pargade re-enacted the scene in which the boat fanatic and Boca fan was shot in the chest while illegally hunting on a private ranch in Villa la Angostura.

According to the provisional investigation, the homicide occurred on March 24 between midnight and 2:30 a.m., when the defendant was with the victim and another person, allegedly hunting, in a place near “El Manzanal” inside of Huemul Peninsula and meters from the lake Nahuel Huapi.

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In this context, the daily Black Riverone of the men fired a shot a repeating riflewhich hit Pargade in the chest area and caused his death.

According to reports, in the region they know him as “Tito”although his identity has not been revealed.

Friend of hunted man charged with murder

the legal assistant Ramiro Amaya accused Pargade’s friend, during an impeachment hearing, during which he also requested that the accused be detained for a period of five dayswhile delving deeper and getting more information about what happened.

The case was titled as simple aggravated homicide for the use of a firearm, in real competition with the offense of carrying a weapon for conditional civilian use without legal authorization.

The man who was shot dead by his friend was a Boca fan. (Photo: Facebook/Second Pargade).

As a coercive measure, Amaya demanded that the accused remain in preventive detention for a period of five days, due to the risk of obstructing the investigation.

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In the coming days, the Public Prosecutor’s Office will work to collect various information in collaboration with the Police of Neuquen to determine next steps.

The safeguards judge who conducted the hearing endorsed the wording of the charges, as well as the coercive measure required by the legal assistant.

Alongside the investigation into the Pergade homicide, the public prosecutor opened an investigation into the alleged poaching and cattle theft.

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