WATCH NOW: Walk-A-Mile-In-Their-Shoes runs through downtown Statesville | Local News


A column of participants dressed in purple marched downtown on Tuesday for the Domestic Violence Awareness Month event.

The goal of those who marched on the march led by the Iredell Domestic Violence Task Force was not only to raise awareness of the problem itself, but of the resources available to those in need. when this happens.

“With this VI Awareness Month, we wanted to make resources available,” said Pam Navey, community resources coordinator for the Statesville Police Department. “Awareness and knowledge are essential for victims to know that the community is there to support them. “

She said that with a task force, with more than 60 agencies across the county that play different roles in dealing with different facets of domestic violence, the goal is to reduce its overall prevalence and reduce the number of domestic violence. ‘children exposed to it.

“Raising awareness about domestic violence is extremely important because it affects so many people, so many families, and it’s not something that should be tolerated,” said Robin Shea, legal assistant to the Iredell County District Attorney. . “There’s help out there, whether it’s legal process, security planning, just help with everyday expenses and problems, it’s over there. We just need to encourage victims to come forward and cooperate with the prosecution so that we can hold offenders accountable. They will not change unless they are held accountable.


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