Unraveling Vanessa Bryant’s agonizing legal battle


“Plaintiff waived her psychotherapist-patient privilege by placing in controversy the ongoing, apparently extraordinary emotional distress allegedly resulting from Defendants’ photograph-related actions or inactions,” Eick wrote in her decision.

In her deposition testimony, Vanessa agreed with Skip Milleran attorney representing the county in the lawsuit, when he said he really wished he didn’t have to ask her to relive that horrible day.

“It’s going to upset me,” Vanessa said. “I don’t want to talk about it. I shouldn’t talk about it. If it hadn’t been for the pictures to begin with, I wouldn’t be here today.”

When asked what “emotional distress” meant to her in this instance, she explained, “Not only do I have to mourn the loss of my husband and my child, but for the rest of my life, I will having to worry that these photos of my husband and child will be leaked. And I don’t want my granddaughters or I ever having to see their remains in this case. I also don’t think it’s fair that the photos were taken in the first place because it’s hard enough for me to have to go through this grief and loss but now living the rest of my life fearing that these pictures will surface is something I have to deal with face every day.

When asked if she had ever experienced “anything close” to how it made her feel, Vanessa replied, “Nothing compares. Nothing comes close to that. I
lost my husband and child. It was the worst thing you could imagine.”


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