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Pension credit

Who is eligible?

This DWP benefit payment gives extra money to help people who are over the statutory retirement age, which is 66.

The pension credit also helps cover housing costs, including ground rent and various service charges.

Those who wish to apply for this assistance will be able to obtain a pension credit even if they have other savings or income.

Eligible people can get a pension credit even if they have other savings or income.

How much does the pension credit cost?

The payment tops up a person’s weekly income to £177.10 if they are single or their joint weekly income to £270.30 if they live with a partner.

Some applicants may get additional money if they have other responsibilities and costs, such as care. Complementary and additional payments are known as “guarantee credit”.

Severely disabled people may qualify for an additional £67.30 per week, if they receive certain benefits, e.g. Attendant’s Allowance, middle or highest rate of People’s Living Allowance disabilities (DLA) or the daily living component of personal independence. Payment (PIP) .

How to claim

People interested in applying for a pension credit can start their application up to four months before reaching the legal retirement age.

Applicants can apply once they have reached statutory retirement age, but their application can only be backdated by three months.

To apply, applicants will be required to provide certain details such as their national insurance number and financial information including savings, investments and income.

People who have already applied for the state pension can apply for the pension credit online, and it is also possible to apply by telephone or by post.


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