Two black coaches join Brian Flores’ lawsuit against NFL


In three seasons, Mularkey coached the Titans to a 20-21 record. Horton, 61, coached two more seasons: as defensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns in 2016 and as defensive backs coach with Washington in 2019. Horton is still looking for work in the NFL, but said in the complaint that it was considered “expired”. ” candidate and that he had not been called to interview for head coaching job offers.

“When I learned from statements by Coach Mularkey that my interview with the Titans head coach was a sham, I was devastated and humbled,” Horton said in a statement.

He added: “While I know I’m taking a risk to be associated with this case, it would be a greater risk to sit on the sidelines and give the NFL a free pass for the systemic discrimination that’s been on my mind. hurt me and so many others.”

Wilks and Horton’s claims echo the allegations made by Flores in her original complaint. Before being hired by the Dolphins in 2019, Flores said, he sat down for what he called a “mock” interview with Denver Broncos executives. At that meeting, Flores said, then-team general manager John Elway and team president Joe Ellis and others showed up an hour late. Flores felt the only reason he was interviewed was so the team could comply with the Rooney Rule, a claim the team denied. Elway called Flores’ characterization “false and defamatory”.

After Flores was fired by the Dolphins at the end of the 2021 season, he interviewed for other head coaching positions, including with the Giants. In his initial complaint, Flores said he was “humiliated in the process as the New York Giants subjected him to a mock interview in an attempt to appear to be giving a black candidate a legitimate chance. to get the job”.

Last week, a team co-owner, John Mara, denied the allegations and said he had no intention of settling the lawsuit. “We are very comfortable with our hiring process,” he said. “It was a fair process, and we ended up making the decision we made based on many factors, none of which had to do with race.”


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