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Tim Eyman, candidate for governor and promoter of dishonest initiatives, claimed today that his last payment to his lawyer Richard Sanders almost completely deprived him of money and begged his fans to send him more money as soon as possible to help him settle his debts.

In pleading his case, Eyman attached photographs of payments to Goodstein Law Group PLLC for $ 25,000 and $ 10,000 (totaling $ 35,000) to his email, followed by a screenshot of the balances of two Bank of America before the transmission of payments. Goodstein is the firm that employs Sanders, a former Supreme Court justice with a very libertarian bent. While in court, Sanders wrote several dissenting opinions saying Eyman’s initiatives should be upheld.

Since 2019, Sanders has been defending the notorious chair thief and first-time advocate against a campaign finance liability lawsuit filed by Attorney General Bob Ferguson, the state’s chief law enforcement officer.

“I paid Richard Sanders’ law firm $ 35,000 today,” Eyman wrote. “$ 25,000 from my legal defense fund. $ 10K from my personal account. It dried me up.

“I put it all on the line. I owed Richard’s law firm $ 305,000. Our agreement was that his firm would only process the notice of appeal if I paid him at least $ 75,000 of that amount. I need to increase more. Much moreEyman added.

(The words in bold above have been capitalized in Eyman’s email for emphasis.)

Eyman’s financial woes extend far beyond his debt to Sanders and Goodstein Law Group. He owes the people of Washington state millions of dollars because of his repeated and serious violations of Chapter 42.17A RCW, the state’s public disclosure law. The amount owed by Eyman includes fines for contempt, a judgment against him by the courts and attorney’s fees. That’s right: as the losing party, Eyman is responsible for the costs of on both sides of the dispute.

Eyman conveniently failed to mention this even greater obligation to his fan club in his email today, presumably because he knows his loving Trump friends won’t be happy to give him money for him. can turn around and send it to the State Treasury. Either way, Eyman is hanging on and the attorney general’s office has been working diligently to collect him in installments.

Eyman currently owes the Washingtonians $ 5,413,169.83, plus accrued interest.

In anticipation of being in that hole, Eyman filed for bankruptcy with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Washington in November 2018. The case has been referred to Judge Marc Barreca.

Declaring bankruptcy was partly a publicity stunt and partly an attempt to delay Ferguson’s campaign finance enforcement case through federal courts.

Ferguson wasted little time getting a comfort order to allow his office to pursue the case in state court, thus avoiding Eyman’s delaying tactic.

Although Eyman was not actually bankrupt when he filed for bankruptcy, he is definitely bankrupt now because he lost his case and hired lawyers he cannot afford. pay the growing bills.

For once, Eyman is not exaggerating when he says he “put it all on the line.”

His own lawyers have placed liens on his home in Mukilteo, according to pleadings filed by Washington state.

The state, represented by Ferguson’s office, is not happy with these privileges and wants them canceled. The state argued in a filing last week: “The measures taken by the debtor’s lawyer [Vort­man & Fein­stein, Good­stein Law Group] burdening the Eyman house erodes the protection available to the state and other estate creditors to recover the home’s non-exempt equity.

The state requests that he “be allowed to register and perfect his judgment privilege in Snohomish County with respect to the judgment rendered by the Thurston County Superior Court, case no. 17-2-01546-34 ”, and that,“ except for the privilege of the State of Washington and any statutory or land tax lien, any future lien which is placed on the Eyman House prior to the termination of the Plan of Chapter 11 will be void unless notice has been provided in accordance with the terms of the plan and bankruptcy court registration approval has been granted.

The state’s complaint and prayer for relief are below.

Washington State Bankruptcy Complaint Regarding Eyman’s House

Eyman has already taken out mortgages against his family home Mukilteo to finance campaigns of initiative. Today, the house – Eyman’s most valuable asset – is at the center of a dispute between Eyman, his lawyers and the state.

Eyman’s apparent goal is to transfer full ownership to Karen Eyman so that the house can be put out of reach of Eyman’s creditors.

As reported by Ferguson’s office in a May 21, 2021 legal deposit:

“The Crown understands that Debtor Eyman continues to work on a proposal to sell the communal property portion of Eyman House to Karen Eyman. Due to the current liens on the house, debtor Eyman’s attorney would be paid out of the proceeds if these charges were not removed.

You can understand why Eyman is so desperate for the money. He needs millions of dollars to pay off all the debts he has accumulated.

Eyman says his friends Dave McMullen (Republican President of Pierce County) and Chris Leyba will be holding a fundraiser for him on Sunday, August 1 at the Puyallup Elks Club, ahead of the County Republican Party’s “American Family Picnic”. de Pierce scheduled for 3pm – 7pm at the same location.

“This will be my chance to thank people in person for helping me and my family over the past eight and a half years – we never would have done it without you. So put August 1 on your calendar. But please don’t wait until then to donate my legal defense fund. This madness must be appealed, ”Eyman wrote.

“I need your help more than ever.”

“My fight is your fight. My fight is our fight.

“Please… I’m begging you… donate today.” “

It is not said that Eyman finds himself in the situation he finds himself in because of choices that he made. It was Eyman who demanded bribes from his buddies. It was Eyman who directed the funds for one initiative to another. It was Eyman who chose to repeatedly violate the Fair Campaign Practices Act. And it was Eyman who chose to block when investigations were opened into this offense.

Tim Eyman is no match for the courtroom for champion chess player Attorney General Bob Ferguson (Photo: Andrew Villeneuve / NPI)

Attorney General Ferguson is a big scarecrow and a scapegoat because he is looked down upon by the Trump-loving Republican base for his hard work to uphold progressive Washington laws and stop Trump’s henchmen from destroying environmental protections and workers. But the truth is that Tim Eyman is his own persecutor. He has no greater enemy and no greater executioner than him.


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