Texas A&M football team is one of the few to win against CFP team


Sometimes in college football you have to have small wins – for the Texas A&M football team their small victory was actually a huge one. A mid-season win over Alabama almost makes the rest of the season, as disappointing as it was, worth it.

That said, A&M couldn’t put these types of performances together consistently, leading the team to finish with an unimpressive record.

With a schedule that started the season ranked in the top six, how do you find the positive after a 2021 season that saw your bowl game called off and your team barely keeping their ranked status at the end of the season? I’ll show you how.

Texas A&M football team is one of a very small roster of mismatched college football teams

Granted, it’s not the most impactful article, but I’m trying to find some bright spots here.

Much of the Aggies’ disappointing season was caused by an offense that failed to start throughout the year. It wasn’t due to a lack of playmakers – superstars like Jalen Wydermyer, Isaiah Spiller, Devon Achane and Kenyon Green have lined up this team’s depth chart. Still, the quarterback position was not ideal and injuries complicated matters.

The offense had a below-par year, finishing 71st nationally in yards per game. As good as the defense in third in scoring was, it couldn’t make up for the shortcomings of the offense.

But that attack from Aggie played offensively enough to secure the most impressive victory in college football all season – a win over Alabama No.1 Crimson Tide. Perhaps even more impressive, the Tide has only gotten better since that win.

The victory came 41-38 with a courageous performance by Zach Calzada which gave Nick Saban his first loss to a former assistant. But more importantly, it gave Texas A&M a victory over one of four college football playoff teams – something only two other teams can claim.

The first non-A&M team that can claim this is a Michigan State 11-2 top-ten team that just won a victory over Pitt at the Peach Bowl. Oh, and MSU did it without their best player and the Heisman snub in Kenneth Walker III. State gave the Michigan Wolverines their only loss in a rivalry that appears to be moving heavily in favor of the Spartans. Michigan state looked dominant in its bowl game and is expected to make the top-eight in the AP’s final poll.

The other team on this list is Alabama, which destroyed an unbeatable looking Georgian side in the SEC Championship. The Tide’s only loss, of course, was against Jimbo Fisher and the Texas A&M Aggies.

It’s the dictionary definition of a consolation prize, but A&M can be proud to be part of an elite group.


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