Tennessee male survives arrow to head after being illegally shot


A deer with a crossbow bolt in its head in Hendersonville was treated Saturday after photos of the animal circulated on social media.

Officials said the 10-point mature buck was shot outside of the legal deer hunting season in Tennessee.

The animal was tranquilized by officers, who removed the bolt from the deer and applied medication, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency spokesman Barry Cross said.

TWRA wildlife officers found the male in the Indian Lake Peninsula area, staff said.

“We hope he survives, and he seemed to be fine,” Cross said.

The woods “attract a lot of attention from those who would poach,” Cross said. “We have a very liberal deer season, and there’s no reason to hunt out of season.”

TWRA Officer Nathan Karch inspects a tranquilized deer injured by a crossbow bolt in Hendersonville.

Illegal hunting in Tennessee is a Class B misdemeanor with the potential loss of hunting privileges and payment of restitution for the animal of up to $500 per antler tip plus $1,000 for deer, Cross said. .

The total fine for the male treated in Hendersonville could total $6,000.

There is a legal deer hunting season in Tennessee. It runs from August 26-28, which is a private antler deer land.

Archery season begins on September 24 with different legal deer hunting periods continuing through January with overlapping guns that can be used.

Medication is applied to a deer struck with a crossbow bolt outside of Tennessee's legal hunting season.

Anyone with information about the male shot out of season in Hendersonville can email [email protected] or call 615-781-6622.

Contact Andy Humbles at [email protected] or 615-726-5939 and on Twitter @AndyHumbles.


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