Shoaib Akhtar reacts to PTV’s recovery notice against him


Former Pakistani fast pitcher Shoaib Akhtar speaks during his YouTube video. Photo: YouTube by Shoaib Akhtar.
  • “I am a fighter, I will not give up and I will fight this legal battle,” said Rawalpindi Express.
  • Says his lawyer, Salman K Niazi, will move the case forward according to the law.
  • PTV served Akhtar with a collection notice worth Rs 103.3 million for resignation without notice.

Former Pakistani bowler Shoaib Akhtar said on Sunday that he was totally disappointed with PTV after the state TV broadcaster announced that it had taken legal action against him.

“Completely disappointed,” Shoaib wrote on Twitter. “After miserably failing to protect my respect and reputation while working for PTV, they have now sent me a payback notice. I am a fighter and will not give up and fight this legal battle. My lawyer @ SalmanKNiazi1 will advance this according to the law. “

Earlier, the PTV reported that it had sent a notice of collection to the former cricketer for damages worth Rs 103.3 million for “being absent from broadcasts during the T20 World Cup and for having resigned from his post without respecting a period of notice “.

Akhtar was informed in the legal opinion that he is required to pay PTV 3.3 million rupees instead of three months salary because he resigned without respecting the notice period. That aside, the state broadcaster asked Akhtar to pay him 100 million rupees in damages.

A collection notice is a legal document for the collection of money. This is formal information between two people or entities notifying the other before legal action is taken to obtain their payment due.

Recall that an argument broke out between Akhtar and PTV Sports host Dr Nauman Niaz on a live broadcast on October 26, after which Niaz bluntly asked the Rawalpindi Express to leave.

Akhtar, along with many of his fans and supporters, called the incident humiliating because it was done in front of other guests, including Vivian Richards and David Gower.

Akhtar had tried to settle the matter but when that didn’t work he not only quit the show but also announced his resignation from PTV.

Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry had formed a committee headed by the director general of PTV to investigate the case.

The committee recently presented a preliminary report on the matter to the minister.


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