Rishi Sunak News Live: ‘Silly’ to help families pay energy bills right now, Chancellor says


Ashworth urges Labor to investigate ‘lewd comments’ allegedly made to woman MP-.mp4

Rishi Sunak said it would be “foolish” for the government to provide more help to families struggling with energy bills “now”, despite the growing cost of living crisis.

Desperate Britons are facing an average £700 rise in their gas and electricity bills after the energy price cap was raised in April – with another 50% spike expected in October.

However, in an interview with Mumsnet, the Chancellor dismissed the idea of ​​further help in the coming months – insisting he was ready to make himself unpopular by sticking to his plan.

Hinting at possible action closer to the fall, he said: “Depending on what happens to the bills, of course, if we have to take action and provide support to people, we will.

“But it would be silly to do it now or last month or the month before when we don’t know exactly what the situation will be in the fall… We’ll see where we are if we need to do more.”


Wallace: Tory MP ‘caught watching porn’ in Commons could be suspended

No more Ben Wallace now, who was asked about the conservative porn saga during an interview on LBC Radio.

Pressed on what potential penalties the as-yet-unnamed MP, who was allegedly seen watching adult content on his phone while in the Commons, Ben Wallace told the radio station that the sacking of his post as deputy was a “matter for the voters”.

However, when asked if the man in question could “lose the whip”, the Defense Secretary said it was certainly “one of the sanctions” that could be applied.

But he continued: “It could be worse… he could face a recall petition or be suspended from parliament.”

Not wanting to jump to conclusions, however, Mr Wallace ended by saying: ‘But let’s see how the facts develop in the case.’

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Cabinet Minister: ‘Does Commons contain sexists? Yes’

A Cabinet minister has claimed the House of Commons is not ‘institutionally’ sexist or misogynistic – but admitted it contained ‘sexists’.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Parliament’s biggest institutional ‘challenge’ was the general culture in Parliament, listing ‘the long hours, the bars [on site] … people being away from home” as some of the reasons he believed incidents like the ones revealed might take place.

However, he also argued that as well as having ‘sexists’, the Commons is also filled with ‘the opposite’.

“Are there successful, you know, people who just live by today’s values? Yes,” he said, adding that he would not “categorize” parliament as an entirely sexist and misogynistic workplace.

In the same interview, Mr Wallace was asked about the inquiry into a Tory MP over allegations he was caught watching pornography on his phone in the Commons, to which he replied: ” I don’t think people should be sitting on their phone, when they’re getting paid to do some other job, watching porn.

And he added: “I think that’s wrong.”

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Watch: Ashworth urges Labor to investigate ‘lewd comments’ allegedly made to MP

Ashworth urges Labor to investigate ‘lewd comments’ allegedly made to MP

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‘Cultural change’ needed in House of Commons, minister says

More from Ben Wallace’s Sky News interview now, where the Defense Secretary was also asked to comment on the investigation into a Tory MP accused of watching pornography on his phone while he was inside the House of Commons.

The Defense Secretary simply said there was ‘no place for pornography in any workplace’ and that there needed to be a cultural change in Westminster.

“There is a series of allegations that crosses the House, crosses parties,” he said, adding:

“It is a problem, I think, concerning the general culture of the House of Commons. It’s the late sitting, the long nights in bars, and that very often leads, and has for decades, to behavioral issues.

“I think it’s really important that we think about ways to change the culture in the House of Commons.

The accusation, leveled at the Tory Chief Whip by an unnamed female minister, came amid an ongoing row of misogyny involving Angela Rayner after a Tory MP told the Mail on Sunday that he suspected the deputy Labor leader of deliberately crossing and uncrossing her legs in parliament to distract Boris Johnson.

These remarks have been called sexist, misogynistic and classist.

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Labor MP ‘made vulgar sexual comments to MP’

Following my previous post (7:35 am), here is our political journalist Adam Forest with a bit more on a Welsh female MP’s claims that a member of Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet made vulgar comments to her.

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Wallace struggles to defend government after Covid court ruling

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace sought to defend the government this morning following the High Court’s ruling on Wednesday that ministers acted unlawfully when they authorized the discharge of elderly patients from hospitals to homes care during the pandemic.

To the question of whether it was “finally time to get rid of the notion, as put forward by [former health secretary] Matt Hancock that a ring of protection has been thrown around care homes,” Mr Wallace said he remembered the virus was moving fast and the government needed to learn what was best as it went. that the disease was going on.

The cabinet minister also came to Mr Hancock’s defence, saying he had since admitted ‘he had his own regrets’.

“I bet he does,” joked Sky’s Niall Paterson.

The High Court’s ruling yesterday focused on the government’s decision to allow Covid patients to be sent back to care homes without testing them, which it ultimately deemed illegal as it failed to take into account account the risk to elderly and vulnerable residents of non-symptomatic transmission.

Put it to Mr Wallace that Mr Hancock and Prime Minister Boris Johnson had falsely claimed they knew very little about the risk of asymptomatic transmission – despite Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, warning him as early as March 2020 – the Tory MP said it proved why inquiries were “rightly” taking place.

He added that the government continued to apologize for “all deaths” during this period, and that it was important that “lessons are learned” from the pandemic.

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Watch: Sunak says ‘stupid’ giving families more help with bills right now

Rishi Sunak says ‘silly’ giving families more help with bills right now

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Labor urged to investigate claims made about shadow cabinet member by female MP

Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary, said he “expects Labor to look into ‘a Welsh MP’s claims that a member of the shadow cabinet made comments to her’ obscene”.

It comes after an MP told BBC Wales on Wednesday night that she had previously been described as a ‘secret weapon’ due to ‘women wanting to be her friend’ and men wanting to sleep with her. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of the consequences, said this was not the only case of sexist or misogynistic behavior she had faced in parliament.

Although the Labor Party said it would take such a complaint “extremely seriously”, the MP told BBC Wales that after consulting her team she felt it was not in her interest to reveal her identity in public or to lodge a complaint.

As well as calling her a ‘secret weapon’, the shadow cabinet member is accused of calling the female MP a ‘vote winner’ because of her appearance.

Asked about the situation on BBC breakfast this morning, Mr Ashworth said he only learned about it seconds before he went on air. He described it as “rude” and “utterly depressing”, adding: “There are clearly people in [parliament] who do wrong…they should be expelled.

BBC Wales says it has started contacting female MPs following fury from a Mail on Sunday article about deputy Labor leader Angela Rayner, which contained remarks that she crossed and uncrossed her legs in the Commons to distract Boris Johnson. Ms Rayner denied the charges and called them “sexist slurs”.

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Sunak cleared of ethical lapses regarding his wife’s non-dom status

Rishi Sunak has been cleared by Boris Johnson’s ethics adviser for breaching ministerial rules over his wife’s non-dom status and the green card granting her US residency.

The prime minister’s independent adviser, Christopher Geidt, said Mr Sunak had properly declared his interests and had been “diligent in fulfilling his obligations and engaging in this investigation”.

Labor denounced the findings as a ‘whitewash’, with deputy leader Angela Rayner saying: ‘Downing Street has lost all ethical credibility’.

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