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Protecting your employment rights: legal representation can help ensure fair pay

Did you know that there are laws designed to protect workers to ensure they receive fair compensation from their employers? For more than 40 years, the legal professionals at Robert Peirce & Associates have helped people in our region receive the compensation, overtime and bonuses they deserve.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is designed to protect the legal rights of workers in the United States by ensuring fair compensation for employees and ensuring that eligible workers receive “one and a half times” for overtime.

It is not uncommon for an employee’s position to be misclassified by an employer. This misclassification can prevent an employee from receiving compensation to which they are entitled under the law. Typically, fair pay issues arise in the construction and service industries, where independent contractors are frequently hired. Depending on the circumstances of the job, an employer may improperly classify an employee as an independent contractor, when in fact they are not, and therefore entitled to overtime pay. Often, the employer does not even realize that they have misclassified the employee. In addition, employers may attempt to avoid paying overtime by inappropriately calling managers, supervisors, assistant managers or assistant supervisors of employees when in fact many of these employees are legally entitled to be paid. overtime.

Lawyer Aaron Rihn specializes in protecting people who feel they are being paid unfairly and helping them get their wages owed back. “Customers come to us because the way they’re paid doesn’t feel right to them,” said Rihn. “We can help them determine if what they suspect is correct and take legal action to rectify the situation. We have successfully represented people who have been denied overtime compensation, family medical leave, unemployment insurance and in some cases even a safe work environment, ”said Rihn.

Robert Peirce & Associates

Lawyer Aaron Rihn of Robert Peirce & Associates

If you feel that you are not being paid fairly, the experienced legal professionals at Robert Peirce & Associates will walk you through the process. The overall goal is to win your case so that you can receive the benefits and monetary reimbursement that you deserve.

Your legal representation of Robert Peirce & Associates will provide the following professional services:

• Free evaluation of details

• Achieve payroll records

• Analyze payslips

• Talk to colleagues

• Organization of the details of the case

• Contact and provide witnesses

• Secure and submit all necessary evidence of discovery

• Respect of all required deadlines

• Filing of a conditional certificate

“We work with employees to make sure they are paid fairly,” said Rihn. “It’s important to keep in mind that no matter what they call you at work, no matter what you do.”

Choosing legal representation rather than pursuing your claim on your own will make all the difference in successfully filing a claim. There is a common misconception that the costs associated with hiring a lawyer to handle your case will be outrageous. However, there is no charge unless your case is won.

For over 40 years, Robert Peirce & Associates has provided caring and compassionate legal representation. Let the dedicated lawyers at Robert Peirce & Associates guide you through your FLSA case. To make a no-obligation appointment, contact Aaron Rihn at 412-281-7229 or visit

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