Proposed Alabama bill could force drivers to pay child support if their guardian is killed following a DUI


ALABAMA (WHNT) — According to the Department of Transportation, 28 people die each day in the United States due to drunk driving-related crashes.

Some of these deaths leave children without their parents. Now, a proposed new bill could bring some financial relief to these children and their new legal guardians.

Alabama’s Bill HB114 could require a driver to pay child support if convicted of driving under the influence and killing the legal guardian of someone under 19.

Two key factors would determine whether the driver could be required to pay child support: first, the person should be convicted of drunk driving and there must be a death involved in the incident. Second, the amount of the payment would be determined by the same guidelines as existing child support laws.

The bill is sponsored by former Decatur police officer Proncey Robertson, who says there is a key factor in the success of this law.

“We attach this to the penal code. It’s very important,” Proncey explained. “It is part of criminal proceedings rather than civil litigation. So that’s something if you’re convicted you’ll be responsible no matter how long it took.

Because it is attached to the criminal code, third parties such as insurance companies would not become responsible for the payments and the family could still pursue civil lawsuits such as a wrongful death lawsuit.

The bill has been filed and is assigned to the House Judiciary Committee.


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