Phone scams claim two more victims totaling more than $22,000 in losses


SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah – The Summit County Sheriff’s Department responded to two separate fraud cases on August 29 and 30. Both cases involved a phone call with the scammer posing as a government official and demanding the transfer of money to resolve a fictitious legal issue.

The August 29 case took place in the Snyderville Basin area, where the victim received a call telling him that he had skipped Jury Duty and had to post bail. The victim attempted to send approximately $4,200 through cash apps, but only $2,231 was transferred to the suspect. Deputies obtained the suspect’s pseudonym.

The second case occurred on the morning of August 30. The victim, a 63-year-old Park City woman, was contacted by someone claiming to be a US Customs officer who accused the victim of being involved in criminal activity. The victim was asked to visit several locations in Salt Lake City, where she was instructed to upload money to a machine where it was converted to Bitcoin and deposited into the suspect’s account. The total amount transferred from the victim’s bank account was $20,000. The victim said she would contact the FBI and the attorney general’s office.

No fraud case has suspects identified at this time.


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