Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Aaliya is in legal trouble, a police complaint has been filed against her for non-payment of dues of Rs 31 Lakh


Legal troubles are pouring in for actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife, Aaliya Siddiqui, who is set to make her producer debut in the industry. According to the latest reports, a police complaint has been filed against Aliya for non-payment of Rs. 31 million dues. The case was filed by Manju Garhwal, creator and co-producer of Aaliya’s first production venture, “Holy Cow”. She accused Aaliya of not giving her back the Rs 31 lakh that Manju invested in the film.

On June 20, Manju Garhwal filed a complaint against Aaliya Siddiqui at Amboli police station after refusing to reimburse her. In her complaint, Garhwal alleged that she tried to contact the actor’s wife but was not responding to her and therefore filed a complaint against her. She also accused Nawazuddin’s wife of causing her mental agony and harassment. In an interview with ETimes, Manju talked about filing a lawsuit against Manju and said, “Aaliya and I have been friends since 2005 and she wanted to be a producer for a very long time. When things finally took shape, she told me to take charge of the creative side while she decided to handle the finances. I hired actors and chose the project, but the money that was paid to them by check quickly started bouncing back.

“My father was selling his house in Ujjain and Aaliya knew about the matter. As she needed the money, she convinced my father to give her the money from the sale of the property and she would return the same in a month. However, that did not happen. Manju added. The report also said that the two ladies had a major fallout and following that, Aaliya decided not to give credit to Manju in as creator and co-producer of “Holy Cow”.

Manju then revealed that she had a hard drive containing all the data from the movie ‘Holy Cow’, but she gave the drive to Aaliya for Rs 22 lakh. And, ever since, she has been chasing after her to get her cash of Rs 31 lakh. She also revealed that after the police complaint, Aaliya Siddiqui “started talks on the issue of payment with her team but she has no idea when it will materialize.” Apparently Aaliya submitted her medical report asking for some time to respond to the police complaint.

Meanwhile, Aaliya’s production venture “Holy Cow” stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sanjay Mishra, and Tigmanshu Dhulia in the lead roles. Directed by Sai Kabir, the film will be released in August this year.

Image source: Nawazuddin-Siddiqui-Aaliya-Instagram


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