Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are “cosmically connected” according to celebrity astrologer | Royal | New


In an attempt to learn more about the astrological compatibility of the Sussexes, famous astrologer Aliza Kelly analyzed Harry and Meghan’s star charts and drew some conclusions. She told People Magazine that Archie’s parents were “cosmically connected.”

She added: “It’s crazy, it’s powerful, it’s magic.

“Sure, [their marriage is] also blossoming creatively, but their relationship is healing, soulwork, self-deepening, truth, and purpose.

“They were both waiting for someone to help them, see them and validate them, and that’s what makes these two graphics so important together.

“The root of their relationship is safety and security, but through healing and very, very honest and genuine work that departs from the status quo, their graphics go beyond compatibility – they redefine legacy. . “

On the impact the Duchess has had on Prince Harry, she said: “Meghan’s introduction into her life has opened her eyes because Meghan comes from such a different background.

“He started to see the world from a different perspective; it exposed his map to a different perspective.

“He didn’t have the opportunity to reach his full potential without Meghan.”

The professional astrologer has detected that Prince Harry, as the “triple king of the sign of the Earth” with a Virgo Sun, a Rising Capricorn and a Taurus Moon, had already struggled in his personal life.

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However, she said that Markle’s graphic was merged with that of Princess Diana.

Ms Kelly added, “Capricorn is the opposite of Cancer, so [Harry’s] Mom’s sun sign activates the area of ​​her chart that represents partnership, which means her relationships are portals to understanding her mother.

“In fact, thanks to Meghan, he was able to cultivate a really meaningful relationship with his mother, even though she is no longer on the Earth side.”


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