Mark Greene announces his candidacy for 30th LD State Representative


This is a press release from the All-Americans For C. Mark Greene Committee:

Republican candidate Mark Greene is running for State Representative, Position 1, from Washington’s 30th Legislative District.

Mark Greene is an American patriot/nationalist who believes in traditional values, populist economics, a balanced and sensible approach to our national and state environmental outlook, including developing as much of our own energy resources as possible from from a wide variety of sources, and believes in the vigorous defense of law, order, and moral education by implementing these values, especially as defined by the citizens of our district, in our government and our laws.

Not a fan of so-called restorative justice, but a fan of “If you can’t do the time, don’t commit the crime”. Mark was the strongest supporter of the police in last year’s Federal Way municipal contest.

Mark, who takes the Constitution’s Bill of Rights seriously, was among the first to oppose many of the illogical pandemic-related lockdowns, tyrannical vaccine mandates and inflexible, not necessarily scientific, mask mandates, too restrictions, including those in schools.

Mark was one of the few politicians to demand what goes on in science labs, and labs in general, and to explain the need to unearth any unethical or inhumane practices within them. Mark proposed and sponsored this year’s Initiative 1872, a measure that would codify the humane treatment of dogs and cats with respect to research operations and breeding factories, and severely restrict research regarding the duration, practices and the necessity of all this, as well as details of what is outright prohibited.

Mark popularly advocated the expansion of economic development in the 30th arrondissement by promoting niche markets that would help solve the thorniest issues of the 21st century, such as housing and the problem of overgrown landfills and waste in general. Mark also promoted the construction of an American Heritage Art Museum in the 30th Ward.

Mark is a legal assistant and an ex-Marine.


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