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I am a recent transplant in rural Burleigh County and reside in Legislative District 8. I became interested in the District 8 Republican process and volunteered as a precinct committee member at the reorganization convention of the district of 2022. However, I am puzzled. The District Nominating Convention has endorsed Brandon Prichard to run for one of District 8’s House seats. Looking at Mr. Prichard’s biography on District 8’s Republican Facebook page, he has an impressive list of political activities starting in high school. The biography goes on to state that “Brandon studied history, philosophy, political science, and religious studies at the University of Minnesota and continued his studies at the University of Minnesota Law School and School of Public Policy. of Minnesota. Currently, he works as a legal assistant for Eckland & Blando LLP in Minneapolis and as a technical specialist for BisManOnline in Bismarck.

If Mr. Prichard is elected, how can someone who lives and works in Minneapolis and attends law school at the University of Minnesota still be in Bismarck every day for the 2023 legislative session? Another puzzling bio tidbit is last year Mr. Prichard was on the committee sponsoring the Term Limits Initiative’s petition. For this sponsorship committee list filed with the Secretary of State’s office, Mr. Prichard listed a non-District 8 Bismarck address where apparently his parents also live. On the nomination affidavit that Mr. Prichard completed and submitted to the Secretary of State’s office in April to run for a House seat in District 8, he listed a Burleigh County address which, coincidentally, is the address of a friend and the friend’s parents.

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The North Dakota Constitution states that an individual cannot serve in the Legislative Assembly unless they live in the district from which they were selected. Confusing.


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