Lawyer / Case manager – ICAS


Lawyer / Case manager

Part-time work sharing – 21 hours per week

Location: Edinburgh (Hybrid)

Salary: £44,000 – 53,000 (prorated and depending on experience)

Who are we:

ICAS is a global professional body for accountants. We educate, examine and lead, enabling excellence while always working for the greater public good. Formed by Royal Charter in 1854, we have trained many CAs since then, and every year thousands of students work with us to achieve the goal of ‘Charter’. We count more than 22,000 qualified CAs among our members, a qualification that has shaped an international business community spanning sectors and continents.

What is the job:

The ICAS Investigations function investigates and handles complaints against ICAS members and companies. It is subject to strict monitoring requirements, including KPIs relating to investigation times. To ensure that ICAS is best placed to complete investigations within such timeframes, it is important that the team has the right balance of colleagues with both technical and legal skills.

The case manager plays a central role in the investigation of complaints received by ICAS against Members and Companies, with particular emphasis on complaints of a technical or legal nature, depending on whether the employee is an accountant or a lawyer. .

The Case Manager is responsible for ensuring that complaints are handled in accordance with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as amended from time to time. Emphasis should be placed on the timeliness of investigations, ensuring that complaints are resolved without unnecessary delays.

The case manager is responsible for many of the key procedural decisions made during an investigation. Ultimate decisions in an investigation (for example, whether a member is subject to disciplinary action) will generally be made by members of the Investigation Committee with advice from the Case Officer.

Who do we need?

We are looking for a lawyer with a valid practicing certificate who has experience in regulatory, criminal or civil law, as well as exposure to commercial contracts and/or claims work.

We are looking for someone with a keen eye for detail and a naturally curious nature. A person able to handle files with integrity and discretion, with an open mind and the ability to ask the right questions to discover the details of a file. Some cases can be very complex in nature, so also someone with the tenacity and foresight to manage the case, and those affected by it, to a clear and fair conclusion. As with any investigative role, ICAS strives to establish processes and is governed by regulations, compliance with which is of paramount importance.

The investigations team is a small team that works closely together. Therefore, to be a successful addition to this team and the Job Share role, we need someone with a very collaborative nature, able to work well with others and easily integrate into this team, to build effective relationships and to have a positive attitude and open approach.

If the case officer is a qualified accountant, he or she will be required to provide technical assistance to members of the investigation department who are not CAs. If the case officer is a lawyer, he or she will be required to provide legal assistance to members of the investigation department who are not lawyers.

The Case Officer will also provide any other assistance required by the Investigations Assistant.

Excellent oral and written communication skills are also essential qualities to possess. The Case Agent will liaise and communicate with a wide range of people, handle a wide range of complaints, and work with a wide range of technical issues that may take you out of your comfort zone.

main responsibilities

  • Investigate complaints received by ICAS in accordance with rules, regulations, internal protocols and any applicable KPIs.
  • Advance applications for continuation or reinstatement of ICAS membership in accordance with the provisions of the Retention and Reinstatement Rules.
  • Provide quality advice and support to individuals submitting queries through the ICAS helpline or web portal.
  • Provide quality technical or legal advice and assistance to members of the Investigations Department who are not qualified accountants/lawyers, to enable complaints received by ICAS to be investigated in accordance with internal rules, regulations, protocols and any KPIs applies.
  • Provide assistance as may be requested by the Director of Investigations in reviewing processes, to ensure that complaints are handled in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
  • Assist members of the Investigation Committee throughout the investigation process to ensure members review complaints in accordance with internal rules, regulations and protocols.
  • To meet educational needs that arise from the investigation of complaints – for example, writing articles on complaint issues for the ICAS website, providing presentations to members on complaint issues.

ICAS places equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do. With our partner organizations, we are committed to building a diverse membership and workforce that benefits everyone and enables our communities to learn, grow and move forward together.

Please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.


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