“Jacqueline Made Sukesh Pay the Writer for the Web Series Script”: ED Billing Sheet Claims


The Directorate of Law Enforcement, in its supplementary indictment filed against actor Jacqueline Fernandez, claimed that they admitted that scammer Sukesh Chandrashekar gave Rs 15 lakh in cash to writer Advaita Kala for a screenplay she wrote for the actor. This contradicts her earlier statement to the investigative agency that she only gave Kala chocolates and flowers.

According to the roadmap, Kala, an award-winning screenwriter and novelist, told ED that she was approached by Fernandez in 2021 to write a screenplay for a web series produced by her.

The ED alleged that Rs 15 lakh was sent by Sukesh to Kala, who demanded advance payment for the work. This transaction is now part of the ED investigation.

The ED alleged that in his statement recorded on August 30, Fernandez denied that Sukesh sent Rs 15 lakh to Kala in the first week of August 2021 on his behalf. Instead, she told ED, she only gave the writer chocolates and flowers.

In her second statement recorded on October 20, 2021, however, she admitted that Sukesh had delivered Rs 15 lakh in cash to Kala at her house as “he was keen on producing the film”, the bill states. “This contradicts her assertion in her statement of 30.08.2021. She admitted it now after realizing that the investigation had enough evidence to prove this transaction with Ms. Advaita Kala,” the charge sheet reads. .

ED said Kala, in her statement recorded on October 6, 2021, told the agency that she had received a call from a person who identified himself as the “DLF President’s Secretary” and said he was calling on Fernandez’s behalf. He told her that he would send a package containing an advance.

“It will not be out of place to mention here that Fernandez admitted the transaction of Rs 15 lakh on October 20, 2021 after recording Ms. Kala’s statement,” the charge sheet reads.

When the emergency department confronted her about the discrepancies between the two statements, Fernandez said it was because of fear of the emergency department, stress and the reputation of her family members, according to the indictment.

In the Oct. 20 statement, Fernandez also admitted to receiving four cats and a horse named “Espuela” from Sukesh, “which she was free to use.” She also admitted to receiving $15,000 from Sukesh, which was sent to her sister’s bank account, but she said it was a loan for her mortgage on a house, the bill shows.

She denied that Sukesh bought a BMW vehicle for her sister. On the allegations that Sukesh transferred $50,000 to her brother in Australia, she said the amount was Rs 15 lakh, the billing sheet shows.

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The ED said that in his previous statements, Fernandez did not disclose the horse, cats, other gifts and the transfer of money to his siblings’ bank accounts.

“She did not reveal these facts on her own; she did not divulge these facts until she was questioned about it and when she realized that the investigation would know about the same. Yet she categorically denied that Sukesh Chandrashekar did not buy any cars for her parents in Bahrain, which she later admitted,” the charge sheet claims.

Fernandez’s lawyer, Prashant Patil, said: “The allegations made against Jacqueline by the Directorate of Enforcement are not true and are baseless. I still maintain that if you go through the evidence that ED relies on, it would be clear that Jacqueline is a victim and not a defendant in this case. She was defrauded and she must address all her grievances in court in a timely manner and following due process. Once we receive the copy of the invoice, we will take legal recourse according to law. The truth will rush to the surface in due time.


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