ITR Refund Status: Steps to Check Your Refund Online on the New Income Tax Portal


Checking ITR Status Online: The Income Tax Service allows taxpayers to request a refund of any excess tax they have paid to the government. For this, they must file a tax return. The deadline to claim your overpayment is July 31.

After filing ITR, the IT department allows taxpayers to check whether the department has accepted and processed their returns. To check the ITR status, taxpayers will need to visit the IT department’s website and log in. When you log in, information such as downloading the declaration/notification is provided to you.

Additionally, you can also view previous ITR filings. According to the IT department portal, there are different types of ITR statuses.

Once you have deposited ITR, the IT department takes note of the return and checks for any errors or defects. The department informs the taxpayer in case of defect/error and asks to rectify the error(s).

Taxpayers should note that if you have not responded to the communication or message from IT regarding a defective return, the filed ITR will not be processed and will be considered invalid.

Income Tax Refund Status: A taxpayer can track income tax refund status on the new income tax portal. Follow these steps to check the income tax refund status:

Step 1. visit www.

Step 2: Log in to your account. For this you will need to enter PAN/Aadhaar number as User ID and Password

Step 3: Click on the “electronic file” option

Step 4: Select “Tax Returns” under the “Electronic File” option

Step 5: Select “View Filed Returns”

Step 6: Check the last filed ITR

Step 7: Select the “Show details” option to see the status of the filed RTI

In the event of a refund, you will be able to see the amount, the date the tax refund was issued, and the date of customs clearance.


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