In Oklahoma County DA race, Geiger turns negative – and scores negative, while Calvey pushes for victory | Right


After narrowly winning a spot in the Republican Party’s runoff for Oklahoma County District Attorney, assistant DA Gayland Geiger and his political advisers likely determined that his only path to victory was to “go negative.” against favorite Kevin Calvey, who lost only 16 votes. outright nomination for the June 28 primary.

Negative is indeed the path followed by the Geiger campaign.

As the chosen successor to DA David Prater — a Democrat who did not seek re-election this year — Geiger’s latest campaign dispatchers said he was “a prosecutor who never ran for office.” . He touts his support of police organizations, local police chiefs and his prosecution record. He calls Calvey – a former lawmaker and currently county commissioner – a “career politician”.

But an aggressive local online news organization, Project 46, is pointing the finger at Prater and his “Big Pimpin'” colleagues in recent cases before disgraced District Judge Tim Henderson.

Journalist Miles Rahimi wrote in an article published on Friday, “Oklahoma County Assistant District Attorneys Gayland Geiger and Jimmy Harmon, along with District Attorney David Prater, conspired to prostitute young and attractive ADA women to the judge. Henderson for more favorable rulings.

Rahimi recounts, based on a legal filing, that a client of a local law firm was denied a fair trial in front of Henderson due to the tactic.

Further, referencing the legal filing, he castigates “Gieger with reference to outstanding allegations that Gieger’s son sexually assaulted three women and that Gieger abused his position to cover up the crimes. Questioning Gieger’s credibility, Brock states in his filing, “Gieger was also accused of failing to supervise in the past when he was prosecuted for alleged sexual abuse by a relative of Gieger.”

Rahimi claimed, “Despite multiple attempts, Prater nor Geiger could not be reached for comment.”

Calvey continues to emphasize military record, public service and broad support

Calvey’s campaign, in texts aimed at likely Republican voters, continues to highlight his support for Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson. In a text to likely GOP voters on Saturday, Johnson said,

“Join me in supporting Kevin Calvey for District Attorney. Kevin is a conservative fighter who will bring integrity to the office of the DA and support law enforcement.

Johnson also told local voters that he believes “Oklahoma County needs a strong, proven leader as a district attorney. …” He says, “I have worked with Kevin, and I know he is a man of diligence, integrity and courage. Sheriff Johnson said the county “deserves a battle-tested conservator who will put public safety first and work as a true partner to law enforcement.”

Calvey’s campaign spotlighted Nici Hostetler’s comments; “I am a teacher in a public school. I support Kevin Calvey because I know from experience that he cares about education and children.

Rex Duncan, former state legislator and DA, says, “Kevin Calvey will be a great district attorney. He has the experience to make sure we keep the bad guys off the streets.

Joe M. Albaugh, former National Director of FEMA and former Director of the State Ceparment of Corrections, said, “Law and order are the foundations of civilization and Kevin Calvey is a man of law and order. order. I have spent much of my career in public safety, law enforcement and crisis management. Additionally, I know that Kevin has always been at the forefront of justice and smart public policy, and can attest first-hand to his diligence, integrity, and unique problem-solving ability.

Albaugh also said, “The problems in the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office will not be solved by a candidate dedicated to business as usual. Kevin Calvey has proven himself to be a leader in the Legislative Assembly, a leader in Oklahoma County, and a leader in the courtroom. He will bring about the reforms necessary to ensure justice and security for our entire community.

Former Oklahoma Public Safety Secretary Chip Keating also encouraged Calvey, saying, “As a former highway patrolman, I know that an honest, conservative district attorney is an absolute must in protecting the public security. That’s why I support Kevin Calvey for DA.

A note on the naming of the victims

In accordance with traditional information practices, The Oklahoma City Sentinel does not name three attorneys who may be victims of Judge Henderson’s aggressive sexual misconduct. The author of this report believes that the names of these likely victims should be sealed and not disclosed.

Although there have been claims of consensual sex between Henderson and the lawyers appearing before him, some legal observers are deeply skeptical, saying the “imbalance of power” between the disgraced judge (no longer in office ) and the lawyers make the premise of “consent” invalid.

Additionally, if the premise of the Project 46 story is correct, the district attorney and assistant district attorneys could be held responsible for the tragic results for three attorneys they oversaw.


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