How relatives of people with disabilities retire


According to an EFKA document, there are two categories of pension recipients: parents, spouses and siblings of people with disabilities.

In the first category, those interested in retiring without age limit must meet three cumulative conditions, which must in fact be met before August 18, 2015:

a) Be the spouses, parents or brothers and sisters of a disabled person with a disability rate of 80% or 67% or more respectively.

b) Have completed 7,500 days of insurance, or 25 years of actual insurance.

c) To meet other conditions of the legislative framework, if applicable.

In the second category, from August 19, 2015, the criterion for determining the transitional retirement age is the year during which the insured in this category completes the required period of insurance, i.e. 7,500 days or 25 years of insurance.

For example:

1) Insured brother of a disabled person on the date of filing his application (from 19/8/2015) has completed the required 7,500 days of insurance, but has not completed five years from the date of irrevocability of the court decision by which he was appointed legal assistant for the disabled to his brother. The insured is not entitled to a pension under this provision. On the other hand, if five years had elapsed since his appointment as legal assistant until 18.8.2015 and all the other conditions of this provision were met both on that date and on the date of submission of the request for departure to retirement, he could retire without being required until reaching a certain age.

2) An insured person born in 1965 submits a request for retirement in 2021 with this special provision as an invalid spouse, having completed 7,500 days of insurance until 18.8.2015. According to the opinion of the health committee of KEPA, the disability of his wife with a percentage of 80% is placed in the year 2021. In this case the insured will retire with the achievement of the required age which is formed according to the year in which the handicap of the wife is located, that is to say aged 61 years and six months.

Dimitris Kostakos


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