Gurugram: Justification notice issued to vaccination center after couple requested an injected pre-filled syringe


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  • According to the state health bulletin, Haryana has recorded 1,113 new cases of Covid.
  • On Tuesday, the state recorded 10 coronavirus-related deaths in the past 24 hours.

Gurugram: On Tuesday, a couple from Gurugram filed a complaint against a private vaccination center in Sector 56. The couple said the center nurse used a pre-filled syringe without showing them the vaccine vial. According to the report, the Muskan Dental Clinic vaccination center received a show cause notice.

While commenting on the incident, the 55-year-old said: “We saw that the nurse at the center did not take the vaccine out of the Covishield vial and put it in the syringe”, as quoted by the India time. He further claimed that the nurse took the syringe out of the cooler and gave them a second dose of Covishied.

The complainant added, “How can we be sure the vaccine will work when we don’t even know if we have been inoculated with the right vaccine? ”

Responding to the couple’s complaint, Dr Hardeep Kaur, Chief Medical Officer of Tigra PHC, said: “An investigation will be carried out.

The owner of the Muskan dental clinic has refuted all accusations against his team, saying, “We don’t keep pre-filled syringes. Everything is done in front of the beneficiaries ”, reports YOU.

By the rules, once a vial is opened, vaccinators must use it within four hours.

Protocols for vaccinators:

  1. Verification of recipient documents.
  2. Explain the vaccination process to beneficiaries.
  3. Inform recipients of possible side effects.
  4. Marking of the date and time when the vaccine vial was opened.
  5. Once the vaccination process is complete, the vaccinator is expected to notify agents to update the status of the inoculation on the Co-WIN site.

Safe POS for injection

  1. Disinfect or wash your hands with soap before and after the immunization session.
  2. Vaccinators should use a freshly packaged auto-disable syringe for each recipient.
  3. Vaccinators are not supposed to pre-fill the syringe that is supposed to be given.

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