Family of drug-dealing brothers agree to pay £530,000 to settle legal action


THE FAMILY of two brothers convicted of drug trafficking and money laundering have agreed to hand over £530,000 to help them settle a legal claim.

The National Crime Agency has argued that Arshid Khan, 51, and Asif Khan, 43, profited from the supply of Class A drugs for a considerable period of time.

Some of these profits (around £636,525) had been used to acquire land and property in West Yorkshire between 2005 and 2018 and were held in the names of family members or limited liability companies controlled by members of the family. family.

In April 2018, the NCA filed a civil recovery claim in the High Court in respect of these three properties and two plots.

The extended family in whose name the properties were registered or who controlled the companies holding the properties have reached a settlement which allows the NCA to recover £530,000 in cash and removes the need for a trial.

There were no findings of foul play against extended family members.

Andy Lewis, head of civil collections at the NCA, said: “It is a common criminal tactic to try to hide profits by using the identities of family members. This settlement should act as a clear warning that the “ANC will use all available powers to pursue these profits or the assets purchased with them, even after a certain period of time. These funds will now be returned to the public purse and used to support other work in the fight against organized crime.


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