Donald Trump news today: Ex-president claims FBI staged photo of Mar-a-Lago documents, promises ‘BIG’ rally in Pennsylvania


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The Justice Department has released its first image of documents seized from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Photo shows papers strewn on a floor with markers reading ‘secret’ and ‘top secret’ on classified documents – and a document’s header says the contents refer to human source intelligence .

Mr Trump accused the department of staged the photo.

“Terrible the way the FBI, during the Mar-a-Lago raid, randomly threw documents on the floor (possibly claiming I did it!), then started to take pictures of them for the public to see,” he wrote on Truth Social this morning. “You thought they wanted to keep it secret?” Luckily I declassified!

The documents in the image are actually mostly hidden, except for their cover pages. There is no evidence to suggest that Mr. Trump declassified the documents, and it is not clear that he would have had the authority to do so.

The ex-president is planning a speech to supporters in Pennsylvania this weekend. Predicting it will be ‘BIG’, he told his followers: ‘Crowds are already forming. Lots, lots, lots to say. Don’t miss it!


Georgia: Democratic Ad Informs Viewers of Google Herschel Walker Abuse Allegations

The struggles of Trump-backed Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker continue, with the Republican nominee’s history of erratic statements and dishonesty about his professional and academic background, compounded by a series of rulings and announcements weird countryside. But his biggest problem in winning over a swing-state electorate may be his own personal story.

A new advert from a Democrat-aligned PAC emphasizes Mr Walker’s acknowledged history of domestic abuse – and even offers viewers advice on how to find out more.

The official campaign led by incumbent Raphael Warnock, meanwhile, takes on a much sunnier tone…


More questions about the Mar-a-Lago documents on Fox News

Fox News pundits have mostly rallied around Donald Trump since the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid, but a few have made no secret of their dismay at the president’s admission of storing secret documents in his insufficiently secure residence.

One of these quasi-apostates is fox and friends host Steve Doocy, hardly a staunch Trump critic, who this morning asked South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem what justification there might be for the ex-president’s handling of papers.

When she said it was important to determine what precedent other presidents had followed, he replied, “Governor, I don’t think a president has ever taken so many documents home after leaving the presidency.”

Watch the exchange below:


Pennsylvania: Fetterman slams Oz teasing over stroke

Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman has rejected Dr Mehmet Oz’s offer to host a debate in Pennsylvania the first week of September, while shaming the famous doctor for continuing to ‘mock’ his recovery from a cerebral vascular accident.

The Oz campaign, the Democrat blasted, said “quite clearly that they think it’s funny to make fun of a stroke survivor.”

“I will not be participating in a debate the first week of September, but I look forward to having a productive discussion about how we can move forward and have a real conversation about this once Dr Oz and his team will be ready to take this seriously,” he added.

Recent polls show that Dr. Oz has fallen behind Mr. Fetterman. A loss would be a blow to the Republican effort to retake the Senate, since the seat is currently held by Republican incumbent Pat Toomey.


Melania Trump ‘annoyed’ by Mar-a-Lago raid

Despite being allegedly “annoyed” by the FBI’s search for Mar-a-Lago earlier this month, Melania Trump has instead focused her attention on selling and promoting NFTs (non-fungible tokens), according to a report.

As former US President Donald Trump unravels over an impending legal battle with the US Department of Justice, Mrs Trump has become less worried about the turn of events, CNN reported Wednesday.

“She cared, but not the way he cared,” a source close to Mrs. Trump said of the Aug. 8 Mar-a-Lago search, when FBI agents allegedly searched her belongings.


Trump in Mar-a-Lago raid photo: ‘Terrible’

Donald Trump has a view on the newly released photo of classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago: that it was staged by the FBI.

Mr. Trump’s claim that he declassified the records in question is not actually mentioned in his own team’s filing. If it was a serious legal claim based on provable facts, they are unlikely to omit it on purpose.

Andrew Feinberg to the story.


How classified are the Mar-a-Lago documents?

Among the myriad revelations in last night’s Justice Department filing in the Mar-a-Lago case, there is one particularly telling detail: some of the documents seized in the August 8 search had marks of classification high enough that not all FBI agents involved can legally view them. on them.

Here is the relevant passage from pages 12 and 13 of the DOJ filing:

Among the evidence seized, thirteen boxes or containers contained documents with classification marks, and in all, more than a hundred unique documents with classification marks, more than double the amount produced on June 3, 2022, in response to the grand jury subpoena – were seized. Some of the documents had colored covers indicating their classification status… Classification levels ranged from CONFIDENTIAL to TOP SECRET information, and some of the documents included additional sensitive compartments which signify very limited release. In some cases, even FBI counterintelligence staff and DOJ reviewing attorneys required additional clearances before they were allowed to review certain documents.


Liz Cheney slams Trump’s ‘indefensible conduct’ at Mar-a-Lago

Having lost her congressional primary in Wyoming to a Trump-backed challenger, Jan. 6 committee member Liz Cheney isn’t holding back her criticism of the former president or his supporters at the top of the GOP. Here is his take on the latest image from the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search:


Trump wakes up…

It’s set to be another eventful day on Donald Trump’s Truth Social account, where the former president is already lashing out at the FBI. In his first two posts of the day, he makes an unsubstantiated claim about a supposed sea of ​​law enforcement whistleblowers – and propagates a false conspiracy theory about a retiring FBI agent.

(Social truth)


Trump still shilling for Jared Kushner’s book

After his meme-posting spree on Truth Social yesterday, Donald Trump returned to normal duty and instead resumed his promotional efforts for the poorly received White House memoir of his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Break the story:

(Social truth)

(Social truth)


Schiff on Secret Service texts from January 6: “Something is not quite right”

Jan. 6 Select Committee member Adam Schiff appeared on MSNBC last night to discuss recent developments in his panel’s ongoing investigation, which include the apparent loss and/or deletion of texts between Secret Service agents. January 5 and 6, 2021.

He confirmed that the committee was still looking into the matter and receiving records – and also that there were “too many conflicts” between the assorted evidence and the various witness statements they had received for them to consider. consider the story nearly resolved.

Watch his comments below.

Mr Schiff’s interview came after the resignation of duty officer Tony Ornato, the former head of Donald Trump’s security service. Former Mark Meadows assistant Cassidy Hutchinson has said publicly that Mr. Ornato described Mr. Trump “rushing” at the driver of his car after realizing he was not being taken to the Capitol on the day of the election. riot, but Mr. Ornato reportedly denied his request. . Various former Trump officials have questioned his credibility and he has yet to speak directly to the committee.

Josh Marcus and John Bowden report:


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