Dismissed Paralegal Mocks Fox Rothschild’s ‘Pearl Taking’ in Explicit Photo in Proposed Lawsuit


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Dismissed Paralegal Mocks Fox Rothschild’s ‘Pearl Taking’ in Explicit Photo in Proposed Lawsuit

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A licensed Fox Rothschild legal assistant defends her decision to include a partially redacted, sexually explicit photo as evidence in her amended prosecution proposal alleging sexual misconduct by a lawyer at the law firm.

Former legal assistant Stephanie Jones mocked the firm’s “pearl take” in her response to the law firm, Law360 reports.

Jones had included a blurry version of the photo allegedly sexted to him, with a black box covering part of the photo.

Jones’ initial trial alleged that then Fox Rothschild attorney Ian Siminoff attempted to rape her in an office bathroom, fondled her in the office, and texted her sexually explicit, some of which included photos of his penis.

In October 2020, a federal judge dismissed most of the lawsuits as prescribed and dismissed a claim for alleged violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act against Siminoff, saying the law does not subject individual employees to the responsibility.

Siminoff claimed the relationship was consensual.

In his October 29 opposition to Jones’ motion to amend the lawsuit, Fox Rothschild cited “the unnecessary inclusion of an obscene, outrageous and redundant photograph” as evidence.

The brief indicates that the photo is “insufficiently blurred and insufficiently redacted”, and that it undermines the dignity of the court. The firm maintains that the photo is redundant because the proposed modified costume already refers to sexting.

“It’s also utterly unnecessary and obviously designed to draw even more media attention to a trial that has not lacked,” the cabinet brief said.

Jones responded in a November 4 brief.

“The hold of the accused’s pearls at the sight of Siminoff’s redacted penis is quite rich given that they received two copies of the unredacted penile photo on March 6, 2019,” the brief said. “If the defendants are so dismayed at the sight of Ian’s redacted penis, they should imagine what Ms Jones felt after Siminoff sent her several unredacted and unsolicited photos of his penis throughout her employment.”

Jones is represented in this case by Tyrone Blackburn of TA Blackburn Law in New York. Fox Rothschild is represented by Fisher & Phillips.


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