Covid-19 vaccine: Ministry of Health investigating allegations that man received 10 doses in one day


The Department of Health is investigating allegations that a man received 10 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in one day.

Photo: RNZ // Angus Dreaver

Stuff reported that the man was being vaccinated on behalf of others and visited several vaccination centers and was paid for the vaccines.

Astrid Koornneef said the ministry is taking this issue very seriously and is working with the appropriate agencies.

She said people who have received more doses than recommended should seek clinical advice as soon as possible.

“Having an inaccurate immunization status not only puts you at risk, it also puts your friends, whānau and your community at risk, as well as the healthcare teams who treat you now in the future.

“Doctors operate in an environment of high trust and rely on people acting in good faith to share information accurately to help them with their treatment.”

She said assuming someone else’s identity and receiving medical treatment was dangerous.

“This endangers the person who is being vaccinated under a false identity and the person whose health record shows that they were vaccinated when they did not.

“If a person were to receive a vaccination under a supposed identity, their personal health record would not reflect that they were vaccinated. This could affect the management of their health in the future.”

The ministry did not respond to RNZ’s question about when and where this happened.


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