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Pittsburg County Commissioners took action at their weekly meeting at the Pittsburg County Courthouse to seek reimbursement for part of a bridge project in the southeast part of the county.

They approved Claim 324A for reimbursement of the relocation of the water main as part of the swing bridge construction project.

The commissioners approved claims 2 and 3 for a total of $106,531.01

“I’ve already paid for it,” said Kevin Smith, Pittsburg County Commission Chairman and District 2 Commissioner. “It’s about getting reimbursed by ODOT,” Smith said, referring to the Department of Oklahoma transportation.

The project includes the construction of a new three-span bridge. “It goes through North Jackfork Creek at Swinging Bridge Road,” Smith said. He said there are about six residences whose occupants cannot drive out whenever the floodwaters rise.

“You can’t get out of there,” Smith said.

When construction of the new bridge is complete, that should no longer be an issue, Smith said. “The bridge is supposed to be built where the water doesn’t go over the bridge,” he said.

When construction is complete, the new bridge will cross North Jackfork Creek, in an area east of Jackfork and west of Sardis Lake. It will be a clear span bridge approximately 80 feet long.

The project includes more than a new bridge over North Jackfork Creek. Plans call for road approaches to be raised up to three feet in some areas. That’s because water flooded the causeway several times in the past, making it impassable until the water receded for those living on the south side of the bridge, Smith previously said.

The elevation of the road is intended to ensure that the new bridge is not flooded by rising waters. Smith estimated that the road will be raised a total of 200 to 300 meters in one direction and about 100 meters in the other, with shoulders included.

Claims to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for work already done on the project included Payment #2 for $16,910 and Payment #3 for $89,621.01, for a total of $106,531.01 .

These parts of the project primarily involved relocating water lines and utilities. Smith said money was set aside for the project, so he had already paid those amounts to the contractors doing the work.

Smith hopes construction of the bridge will be underway later this year, with ODOT in charge of sending out tender proposals.

The original swing bridge will remain in place and is not part of the project. It crosses the creek on one side to private property on the other side. Smith previously said the planned new bridge and elevated roadway is called the Swinging Bridge project because of its proximity to the original site of the swing bridge.

During their weekly meeting, the commissioners also approved the lease documents for a John Deere motor grader for District 2, for a total price of $306,352.

District 1 Commissioner Charlie Rogers and District 3 Commissioner Ross Selman joined Smith in approving all articles by unanimous vote.

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