Cold War and Warzone gamers claim Windows 11 and Overwolf are causing permanent PC bans


Black Ops Cold War Season 6 is the final hurray for CoD’s final entry before Vanguard takes center stage. Unfortunately, the new LAPA SMG has been getting gamers talking for the wrong reasons since it was added in the last major update.

Black Ops Cold War Season 6 is the final chapter before Call of Duty: Vanguard releases on November 5.

The developers have added a slew of new content for Season 6, from a new Battle Pass to a slew of Halloween-themed challenges.

Unfortunately, not all of the new additions have gone well within the community, with the new LAPA SMG in particular coming under fire from fans.

Reddit user PartyImpOP posted a post expressing confusion over the purpose of the LAPA when its characteristics are compared to other weapons of the same class.

“… the only thing this thing has is relatively good handling, which isn’t even significant considering all SMGs carry this trait anyway,” the user said.

“This is the slowest SMG to kill, and relies on headshots to just match the body TTK of other SMGs, and has a very slow muzzle velocity to the point where it becomes almost unusable.”

They go on to say that the LAPA is a less efficient version of the Milano 821 or AK-74u, which means there is little reason to choose it in multiplayer modes.

PartyImpOP also criticized the rest of the Season 6 content as “the worst weapon in Call of Duty history” in Battle Ax.

Other players were quick to respond to the post, calling the new content additions “filler” for Season 6 at the end of the game’s life in the limelight.

“Honestly, they were probably just afraid to bring out more broken guns right before they gave up on this game,” added another Reddit user.

Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Haunting event defies rewards

While The Haunting event was a success for most Call of Duty fans, it’s clear that some of the new content is living up to expectations.

With so little time before Vanguard falls, it remains to be seen if Raven will take any action to make the LAPA more useful.

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