City creates legal fund for tenants – NBC 7 San Diego


San Diego City Council on Tuesday approved Mayor Todd Gloria’s proposal to establish a $ 5 million legal defense fund to help troubled tenants at risk of eviction due to non-payment of rent during the pandemic of COVID-19.

The Legal Aid program is intended to use $ 5 million of federal funds from the Coronavirus Help, Relief and Economic Security Act to provide eviction prevention education and legal assistance. It will be administered by the San Diego Housing Commission and open to undocumented residents.

“I want to thank City Council for their support in establishing this important program that will provide legal assistance to San Diego tenants who need it most,” said Gloria. “In addition to our successful rent relief efforts, this program will make a difference in the lives of countless San Diego residents who may face eviction threats during this difficult time.”

The creation of the program complements the city’s program COVID-19 Housing Stability Assistance Program, which has helped about 12,000 San Diego households pay off rents and overdue utility bills, according to the city. By the end of September, more than $ 103 million had been paid out. The remainder of the program funds were fully spent on tenants whose applications received preliminary approval.

“I was delighted to bring forward the motion in support of this vital program,” said Pro Tem Board Chair Stephen Whitburn. “Evictions often lead to homelessness, and we just can’t afford to have more of San Diego living on the streets.

In less than a week, the moratorium on evictions in California will end. On Monday, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria will present a plan to help troubled tenants in our area. NBC 7’s Brooke Martell reports.

“I thank Mayor Gloria and the Housing Commission for offering help to tenants who find themselves on the verge of homelessness,” he added.

Gloria said he continues to work with federal and state officials to secure additional rent assistance funding for San Diego.

Until March 31, landlords who wish to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent – when a tenant has experienced difficulties related to COVID-19 – must prove that they have applied for rental assistance and that it was refused. If the owner cannot prove it, the case will be discontinued.

here is more information on tenant protection in California.

The state said it still had at least $ 1.4 billion in rent relief to distribute.

Until September 30, California COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act and COVID-19 Rental Housing Recovery Act Helped protect tenants facing the financial impact of the pandemic from eviction for non-payment of rent if the tenant gives the landlord a signed statement.

Starting October 1, the state’s website says a landlord must apply for rent assistance before they can try to evict a tenant in court for non-payment of rent.


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