CEO Ola takes Bhavish Aggarwal by taxi


It looks like there would be another hurdle in front of people who want to book aggregator taxis. After allowing the drivers to know the passenger’s destination when booking the trip; Taxi aggregators will now also allow drivers to access information on whether the passenger is paying in cash or by electronic wallet. It would be nothing less than another reason for drivers to cancel the ride if they are not happy with the method of payment, aside from disinterest in a particular destination.

Late Tuesday evening, Ola announced that this feature was being added to the driver’s app, apparently as a solution to the cancellation of trips by drivers operating on the Ola platform. “Answering the 2nd most popular question – Why is my driver canceling my Ola trip? !! We are taking action to resolve this industry wide issue. Ola drivers will now see the drop-off location approximate and method of payment before accepting a ride. Activating drivers is essential to reduce cancellations, “tweeted Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO of Olacabs.

This would now ideally mean that passengers will be at the mercy of the drivers to get to their destination depending on factors such as paying in cash or through an electronic wallet and booking their destination.

“Usually, drivers at the end of the day have very little cash on hand as most payments are made through electronic wallets. This money is credited to their bank account anywhere between 24 hours or sometimes at the end of the day. end of the week. So today they prefer cash rides, ”said a member of the aggregator drivers union.

At a time when Covid-19 is still here with new variants, and as the government tries to push for the e-wallet in everything; the recent example being the BEST company which is launching a new application and a new travel card for passengers; aggregation companies are taking the opposite route.

Transport experts claim that this will definitely lead to drivers asking for cash payment from passengers. There have been cases where people have complained that the aggregator drivers asked them to pay in cash despite the reservation made for the e-wallet and in return they promised to pay the same amount through their wallet. electronic.

Another problem is that drivers now also know a passenger’s destination, which was not the case in the past. Taxi drivers said they were trying to close the loophole by penalizing drivers who continue to refuse rides. In addition, they will also encourage drivers to cover longer dry runs before picking up passengers so that they do not cancel the trip.

In its official blog, Uber mentioned that drivers ask potential passengers about their destination over the phone.

Passengers say this causes extended waits as drivers call them to find out the destination. As for the aggregators, they are experimenting, where some drivers receive the destinations of the passengers so that the driver does not call to inquire.

There are already cases where the availability of taxis from aggregators has been affected and this waiting period has increased.

Drivers claim they are committed to providing the best service, but there are some real obstacles like the cabin’s lack of fuel, their inability to make a long trip, congested roads or other issues. Until fares are rationalized, drivers avoid long journeys because they earn less on longer journeys and on top of that, there are hardly any incentives.

The drivers say they were penalized between 500 and 1,000 rupees for canceling a trip. Additionally, fuel prices, both CNG and diesel, have skyrocketed over the months, making ferrying long distances in heavy traffic unsustainable.

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Posted on: Wednesday December 22, 2021 19:33 IST


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