Car parks could be overrun with illegal parking lots as penalty cap looms, industry experts say | UK News


Buyers may find it more difficult to access shops on the main street, fearing that parking lots will be overrun with illegal parking lots if new plans to cap penalties are introduced, industry experts have said.

The government held consultations on proposals to lower the cap car park fines of £ 100 to £ 50 across the UK.

It comes after concerns were expressed “about the practices of some parking operators” as the new plans would align private fines with those of local authorities.

Motorists have previously reported issues with some parking business operators due to poor signage, inconsistent practices, confusing appeal processes and intimidating payment letters.

Motorists in violation could reduce fines to £ 25 if paid promptly under the new plans.

But parking consultant Manny Rasores de Toro warned of illegal parking “carmageddon” and claimed the plans would restrict parking options in city centers.

He said: “We know we’ve just been through a really bad patch in the retail world and there is a lot of competition in the online marketplace.

“The last thing we want is where we make it harder for shoppers to go to Main Street because spaces have been occupied.”

It comes as parking industry bosses testified before the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee ahead of a decision on plans expected before year-end.

Capping fines is expected to drastically reduce revenues for the private parking sector.

The British Parking Association said in August that 67% of companies in the sector could be insolvent within two years.


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