Boris Johnson ‘categorically’ denies being told the No 10 events were against Covid rules


BOris Johnson has dismissed accusations that he lied to Parliament about alleged parties breaking Covid rules in Downing Street, insisting ‘no one told me what we were doing was against the rules’.

Mr Johnson repeated his apologies to Queen and country in comments made at Finchley Memorial Hospital in north London, but denied claims by Dominic Cummings that he misled the Commons.

‘As I said in the House of Commons, when I walked out into this garden I thought I was attending a business event,’ Mr Johnson told broadcasters. “I think it’s very important that we see what the inquiry has to say. I’ll be back in the House of Commons as soon as it’s reported, as soon as I can afterwards, and I’ll tell people more. .

“I can’t believe we would have held an event that people said was against the rules or didn’t ask people to do it. No one warned me that it was against the rules. .. I will remember it.”

Asked if he would resign if found to have misled Parliament, Mr Johnson said: ‘Well, let’s see what the report says. my part to prejudge what the inquest will say or do.”

It came as Rishi Sunak broke his silence on the ‘partygate’ scandal engulfing the Prime Minister, insisting he ‘of course’ believes his claims he didn’t know about parties at Downing Street.


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