Anna Duggar attacks her in-laws: you are responsible for Josh’s arrest!


Anna Dagger still denies it.

Tell us what you want from the 6 year old mom-to-be, but it seems to be true.

The 33-year-old hasn’t said anything in public since her creepy husband was arrested for possession of child pornography in late April, but we quoted an insider who said so earlier. Anna thinks Josh is innocent.

And hey… according to the American legal system, Josh Duggar is Innocent.

Until Proven Guilty.

But those far from knowing the story of Jim Bob and Michelle’s best child aren’t surprised that he may have uploaded sexually explicit material for minors. Probably.

This is probably what you would expect from someone who has confessed before:

  • Assaulting her sister when she was a teenager.
  • Cheating on a woman and his wife they met on the Internet.
  • He claimed to have a porn addiction.

Anna, however, seems unable to focus on her arguably terrible partner’s alleged behavior.

“Anna is having a really hard time stopping Josh and she’s still at war with her parents Jim Bob and Michelle,” a source told Sun late last week.

“She still lives in a warehouse in Daggerland, but is not particularly welcome in the main building at this time.”

We’ve previously reported an amazing claim that Anna blames Joe Biden (Okay, He Joe Biden) He believed that a federal agent had detained her husband as a big plot to arrest Josh.

I wish we had really made it up.

Announcement by Anna Dagger and Josh Duggar

But now that same new article explains how Anna thinks her family is due to this legal development.

“She turned her finger on everyone about what happened to Josh. She fell with her family and became isolated. The sun continues.

To be clear, we can’t imagine what Anna has been going through lately.

she is, a year old video raped. It’s as disgusting as it gets.

Anna, Josh Duggar Photo Set

It’s acknowledged, and Anna just seems to rock at this point.

She is a friend of third-party custodians LaCount and Maria Reber, Jim Bob and Michelle, and took her son because he is currently not allowed to be near minors herself. We are also reporting issues.

“Anna is not happy with the job because she said it was unpleasant for Maria to be alone with Josh. She categorically claims that he is not innocent and dangerous,” Sun sources said. . Said.

“”[Anna] Josh often visits her house and takes his children along, but she has no conversations with Labor.

Anna Dagger and 6 children


“It’s a very difficult time for Anna and she’s praying that Josh will come down.

“She believes in him, but is worried about the consequences of the incident and the future of their family.”

For good reason, it must be said.

Anna and Josh Selfie

Josh and his legal team were recently postponed from July to November due to his lawsuit.

After his arrest, TLC appeared last Tuesday and canceled Counting On, a spin-off from its previous series, 19 Kids and Counting. Also Canceled that day due to the vicious behavior of Josh Duggar.

According to this post, Anna appears to have received a small pay for her occasional appearance in this spin-off, putting her in “financial difficulty” after receiving an ax.

Anna and McKinsey dagger

If convicted, Josh Duggar could be sentenced to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $ 250,000 per count.

He was charged with having on his computer a two-minute video of one of two underage women and a man sexually assaulting a child, as well as other illegal photographs and footage.

Former reality TV stars will have to change their plea of ​​innocence until October 18, 2021. Then submit a signed court settlement until October 20, 2021.

If necessary, the plea change is set for October 22.

Josh, Anna and the family

Of course, this is far from the last time I wrote about Josh Duggar’s plight and his wife’s reaction.

She will give birth before the end of the year.

Should she get out of this marriage long before she gets pregnant again? Okay.

But for some reason we unfortunately understand, Anna couldn’t do that.

Anna Duggar attacks her in-laws: you are responsible for Josh’s arrest! Source Link Anna Duggar Takes On In-Laws: YOU ARE To Blame For Josh’s Arrest!

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