Allowances and prison: Crédit Universel


You will not receive the standard Universal Credit allowance if you are in jail or on remand.

You will also not receive additional payments to help with a disability, health condition or child care. You may be able to get the housing payment portion of Universal Credit if you are single.

You can reapply for Universal Credit when you get out of prison. You will be offered an appointment with the prison labor coach 12 weeks before your release. The work coach can help you prepare your Universal Credit application.

If you are single

You can continue to receive Universal Credit housing payment for up to 6 months if both of the following conditions apply:

  • you are expected to spend less than 6 months in prison
  • you were receiving the housing payment portion of Universal Credit just before you went to jail or were remanded in custody

If you are in a relationship

If you were receiving Universal Credit as a couple, the person in jail or on remand will no longer be eligible for any Universal Credit payments.

The person who is not in prison must report a change in circumstances to obtain the standard Universal Credit allowance and any additional Universal Credit payments, such as housing or child care, as a single person.


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