A month after the sales stop, Ren’s Service has a new supplier and is refilling customers’ vehicles


AMHERST — The pumps are leaking again at Ren’s Service.

The city’s only downtown gas station, which halted gasoline sales in early June due to concerns about the rising price of the Mobil product offered by its supplier, is refueling vehicles client.

With thousands of gallons of Gulf Oil-branded gas delivered to Ren’s at 161 North Pleasant St. last Thursday night, gas sales resumed Friday.

“After being without gas for about a month, we are proud to announce that we are back in the fuel business,” Jeff Gladu, who runs the family business with his father, Reynold, wrote in a Facebook post. this week-end.

On Monday morning, the Gladus, joined by Jeff Gladu’s son, Ty, were assisting customers at the business where, for the first few days, cash-only gasoline sales are made. The station is undergoing a markdown process that includes the removal of credit card machines and other Mobil technology devices, the removal of a Mobil sign attached to the building, and the covering of a sign along from the street.

“Anything that had a Mobil on it is gone,” Gladu said.

Gas is available on weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on weekends from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., as well as the full service that people had become accustomed to, not only pumping gas, but also washing the windshield and check the oil.

The return of gas sales was achieved after Ren’s broke its contract with its former supplier, Global Corp., whose representative was based in Ludlow. Jeff Gladu said the company had been trying to get out of that arrangement for several years, eventually doing so by not selling gasoline for seven straight days. This allowed Ren’s to enter a new setup with a supplier called Nouria, which operates along the East Coast and offers 16 brands. Having previously had a relationship with Nouria’s territorial representative, Gladu estimates he pays up to 30 cents less per gallon than Mobil would sell his product for.

Although cheaper and means better profit margins for Ren and lower prices for customers, there shouldn’t be a drop in quality.

“I said to my dad, ‘we’re going to go independent, but we’re not going with watered down gas,'” Gladu said.

The new deal gives Ren the ability to set the price each week and try to stay competitive with the growing number of stations offering gas discounts to people with g-cards or gas cards. Finally, Jeff Gladu said he would like to have a lower price for those paying cash. On Monday, the station was charging $4.55 a gallon for regular unleaded. The average gas price in Hampshire County on Monday was $4.65 a gallon.

Gas sales are in place a month after Reynold Gladu, who has run the business since 1973, put up handwritten ‘out of gas’ signs and informed customers he could not meet the high prices, stopping gas sales when the price hits $4.75 a gallon. “It’s the biggest scam that’s ever happened to people in my life,” he said at the time.

Since then, Jeff Gladu said the support was evident. “The customers and community support have been great throughout the process,” he said, noting that people from as far away as Connecticut traveled to town to have their vehicles serviced in the bays. . “The bay business has been great and people are trying everything they can to help us.”

A resident, he said, offered $100,000 to settle the legal issues surrounding the former wholesaler’s exit. This was denied, but the Gladus expect there will be legal fees associated with their decision and a possible financial penalty.

Customers will have to pay cash for the time being as the company moves to a new credit payment option due to Mobil’s system discontinuation. Under the new system, Ren’s will receive its payments more immediately and will be able to build a cushion for its operations. This was not authorized by Mobil, which often waited five full days to reimburse Ren’s, Jeff Gladu said.

“In the long term, this will be sustainable and we are already seeing customers we never had before,” he said.

But it will take six months to determine how well the new model is working.

“Customers have already done their part over the years, coming in for gas and oil changes, now let us show you what we can do,” Gladu said.

Jeff Gladu’s Facebook post ended with recognition for customers. “We love you all,” he wrote.

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