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NEW YORK (AP) – A long-awaited report released Tuesday by New York Attorney General Letitia James into the sexual harassment allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo detailed several testimonies from accusers that have been made public.

But the report also revealed previously unknown charges, including one by a state soldier assigned to Cuomo’s security details.

Investigators hired specifically for the case said they corroborated the testimony of at least 11 women.

Cuomo has denied many of the allegations, saying he never touched anyone inappropriately. The ones he didn’t deny – like kissing women on the cheeks and calling them by names like “sweetheart” – were either innocent or exaggerated, he said.

Here’s a look at the women and their allegations, as described by investigators, and Cuomo’s responses:



A state soldier Cuomo successfully attempted to assign to his security service said the governor kissed his cheek, touched his stomach and back, and made inappropriate and sexist remarks about him and about her, including asking her why she wasn’t wearing a dress. Several other soldiers witnessed these acts and corroborated his claims, according to the report. The soldier was not identified by name in the report and did not tell his story publicly.

A 26-page statement released by Cuomo’s lawyer Rita Glavin after the report was released did not mention the soldier, whose account was not public until Tuesday.


A woman who worked in Cuomo’s office became visibly emotional while watching a press conference earlier this year in which Cuomo denied ever touching anyone inappropriately, investigators wrote. She told her colleagues that Cuomo had reached under her blouse and groped her chest in his office at the governor’s mansion three months earlier. The governor’s staff then reported the allegations to Albany Police.

The woman also told investigators that Cuomo had, on multiple occasions since 2019, grabbed her buttocks, kissed her on the lips, hugged her inappropriately, and delved into her personal life.

Cuomo says he never groped her, pointing to the text messages the executive assistant sent to other staff on the day in question, indicating nothing was right, as proof that it was wrong. was not produced. He told investigators that she initiated their hugs and that he was “more in the matter of reciprocity.” CHARLOTTE BENNETT

Bennett, a low-level aide to Cuomo, said the governor asked her about her dating life, including whether she had ever had sex with older men, whether she had been with older men and if it was monogamous. He also told her he was “alone” and “wanted to be touched,” according to the report.

When Bennett complained to administration officials that she felt the governor was flirting with her, she was transferred to another job. The administration has not formally investigated or reported the allegations to the governor’s employee relations office, attorney general investigators have determined.

Cuomo apologized to Bennett in a recorded video released in response to the attorney general’s report, saying he tried to counsel her after she confided in him that she was a sexual assault survivor because a member of his family had had a similar experience.


A woman who worked for a state-affiliated entity told investigators Cuomo patted and grabbed her butt as they posed for a photo at a 2019 event sponsored by her organization. She told friends about it at the time, the report says.

Cuomo’s statement does not mention this interaction.


Virginia Limmiatis, an employee of an energy company, said Cuomo ran his fingers over the lettering that ran across the chest of his shirt when they met in a rope at an event in 2017. He told him then said he was going to say there was a spider on his shoulder and started brushing his chest with his hand, according to the report.

Limmiatis immediately told the other attendees what had happened, investigators discovered, but did not come forward until after seeing Cuomo’s press conference this year, denying that he had touched anyone from inappropriately.

Cuomo’s attorney’s statement does not mention this interaction.


The report revealed that Cuomo kissed, touched and made inappropriate comments to Lindsey Boylan while she held various roles closely with the governor. He commented on Boylan’s physical appearance and attractiveness, compared her to a former girlfriend and suggested they play strip poker, investigators found.

The attorney general’s report also states that “the Executive Chamber has actively engaged in an effort to discredit her” after Boylan, the governor’s first accuser to be made public, reported the harassment in December 2020. This included the leak. documents related to his departure from his job.

The statement released by Cuomo’s attorney delves into these details, claiming that Boylan was fired for intimidating subordinates and suggesting that she fabricated her sexual harassment claims to promote her own political aspirations.


Cuomo made inappropriate comments to another executive assistant, Alyssa McGrath, including commenting on her cleavage after looking at her loose shirt, regularly asking her marital status, and asking if she would let Executive Assistant # 1 know if she cheated on her husband. , says the report.

Cuomo’s attorney’s statement admits that he called McGrath and Executive Assistant No.1 “mum mums,” but only after he said they were “single and ready to mingle” before a trip to the city. ‘business.


Another woman, listed as “Kaitlin” in the report, was hired to work for the governor after meeting him at a fundraising event in December 2016. Cuomo regularly made Kaitlin feel uncomfortable by commenting on her appearance and telling her she wasn’t ready for work. if she wasn’t wearing makeup, and calling it “sponge” – apparently a reference to her advice on soaking up the knowledge of others – which she told investigators she found embarrassing, condescending and demeaning.

Glavin’s statement indicates that the governor frequently comments on appearances by staff members, usually in a complimentary manner. He also says he was frustrated with Kaitlin’s job performance.


Ana Liss worked as an assistant in Cuomo’s office from 2013 to 2015, and told investigators he kissed and touched her, called her almost exclusively a ‘sweetheart’ or ‘sweetheart’, had inquired about the state of her relationship and had made inappropriate remarks about her appearance. In the report, Liss explains that she did not immediately speak out about the harassment because, in the governor’s office, “typical rules did not apply.”

Cuomo’s attorney’s statement notes that Liss tweeted favorably to and about Cuomo long after she left her office, suggesting it undermines her account. The attorney’s statement also suggests that the timing of Liss’s appearing was politically motivated.

“The governor’s interactions with Alyssa McGrath, Ana Liss and Kaitlin were mundane,” said Glavin’s statement.


A state health department doctor told investigators Cuomo made a sexually suggestive comment just before giving him a COVID-19 nasal swab test during a televised press conference at the start of the pandemic .

“You make this dress look good,” Cuomo said after thanking her at the press conference.

She told investigators she found the comments humiliating and believed Cuomo would not have referred them to a male doctor.

Glavin’s statement does not address this allegation.


In September 2019, Anna Ruch met Cuomo at a wedding reception for one of Cuomo’s staff. She told investigators Cuomo touched her bare back and, after removing her hand, grabbed her face and kissed her. Ruch said the governor remarked, “Wow, you’re aggressive. Ruch’s friend photographed the meeting.

Cuomo says he often kisses people on the face, attributing it to his Italian heritage, and says he didn’t want to make Ruch uncomfortable.

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