$2 million tort lawsuit filed by former assistant superintendent against Moses Lake School District; denounces pay inequality, gender discrimination and harassment | Columbia Basin


MOSES LAKE — The former deputy superintendent of the Moses Lake School District, who also served as acting superintendent and acting superintendent, plans to sue her former employer for unequal pay, gender discrimination and harassment.

The tort suit seeking $2 million was filed by Carole Meyer after her employment contract with the Moses Lake School District ended on June 30, 2022.

According to the tort claim, the district notified Meyer in May that he would not be renewing his contract as deputy superintendent.

The claim says Meyer was not told why her contract was not going to be renewed, despite her claims that the district never did an evaluation on her and never issued a reprimand. formal.

Meyer became the acting superintendent and was eventually elected acting district superintendent after former superintendent Josh Meek’s term with the district ended on August 31; Meek’s departure was prompted by some concerning findings after the release of financial audit reports.

In her tort claim, Meyer’s attorney says she was paid $47,000 less during her tenure as acting superintendent than her predecessor, Josh Meek, and was paid significantly less than Monty. Sabin, the superintendent hired after her, although he only had a master’s degree and she, having a doctorate. Meyer also acknowledged that Meek’s predecessor, Michelle Price, was also paid significantly less than Meek.

Meyer suggests that the school board had a negative attitude towards her “because she is a woman”.

In particular, Meyer alleges that former Moses Lake School Board member Elliot Goodrich repeatedly yelled at her and berated her in public and private settings. Goodrich’s actions, according to Meyer, constitute workplace harassment in violation of RCW 49.60.180(3).

Legal documents also accuse Susan Freeman of making sexist and homophobic comments about women and the LGTBQ+ community that afflicted Meyer.

“The district failed to respect Dr. Meyer as superintendent or employee because of his gender,” the claim reads.

Meyer’s legal counsel accuses the district of intentionally engaging in gender discrimination in pay and career advancement in violation of equal pay law, including RCW 49.58.020 and RCW 49.58. 030. His attorney says the district also intentionally committed the tort of workplace harassment in violation of RCW 49.60.180(3). of public policy. The lawsuit claims that Meyer suffered economic and non-economic damages; the district had shown disregard for Meyer’s professional reputation and medical confidentiality, documents show.

To view the tort claim in its entirety, see the document below:


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