Think of a disease … already? You can blame gluten

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The current phobia gluten is reaching a paroxysm in the United States and, as you know, as often happens these things, spatter us … or maybe worse, not only splash us American stupidity in this regard, but drown in its gluteinic and absurd tsunami . We already have some samples in our environment .

It is possible that something has reached your ears. The origin of this superlative and unjustified mania towards gluten had a well-known trigger three years ago when a weight-loss book was published (to the use of the nonsense to which we are accustomed this type of book) entitled Wheat belly , written by the cardiologist William Davis , and which comes to be translated more or less as “Belly belly” although in Spain it has been published as ” Without wheat, thank you “. Its cover already advances us a refrain quite common in this class of books: ” Move away from the wheat, lose weight, and regain your health “. How nice, how simple … how much bullshit.

This literary trigger did nothing but take advantage of the wave of a growing current anti-gluten and anti-wheat that had been brewing for a few years in the United States. Let’s say that the only doctor that did was to take advantage of that wave and surf it in the way that some doctors have to interpret health, that is, take advantage without any scientific basis (or just foundation) of an increasing trend and with it (I suppose) selling his work .

Good proof of the magnitude of this anti-gluten fever can be found in this essay, which a few weeks ago devoted the details of the well-known The New Yorker to the question of wheat and gluten. The article is long and in English, but I really recommend that you dedicate a time because it is frankly enlightening to where this absurd fashion is coming in that even dog food has joined the current gluten free .

And is that the issue has taken a somersault with the publication of these works. To the point no longer to obtain better digestions when what is eaten does not contain gluten (something that does not make any sense beyond the celiac population or with sensitivity to non-celiac gluten ), but also is currently being blamed to this element of a significant amount of various diseases and metabolic and neuropathological situations ranging from arthritis, diabetes or asthma, to multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia through autism (among many others)

The issue, from a chrematistic point of view has no waste … gives chills the knowledge (according to The New Yorker ) that up to a third of the American adult population claims to be trying to reduce gluten from their diet . In this paranoid search for gluten-free excellence, it is estimated that in 2016 the US market for gluten-free products will generate sales figures close to or above 50,000 million dollars . So you can put this figure in context suffice to say that this sales figure will be double that generated in 2011 for this range of products; or know that in 2013 the sale of dietary supplements and vitamins was quantified “alone” in about 26,400 million dollars .

Is there evidence to support the antigluten proposals?

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The truth is that none, at least among the serious ones. Yes it is true that in particular the doctor William Davis, the author of Wheat Belly , is especially prolix in bibliographical citations to provide credibility to their arguments. However, it decontextualizes the conclusions, takes them half-heartedly (only the part that interests him) or bases his recommendations on studies of poor quality (there being others with higher quality who argue the opposite and who casually forget to quote). In the opposite direction there is already someone who has dedicated a detailed analysis to his work from a serious point of view and from the evidence. In this document, Wheat Belly: An Analysis of Selected Statements and Basic Theses from the Book , (an analysis of the main sentences and thesis of the book “Barriga triguera”) the authors of the Saint Paul University , give a “repasito” to the approaches of this doctor coming to say what we already know and that somehow I counted in this entry : Not without evidence … and not with “twisted” or biased tests .

In my opinion, it is a more good-humored fashion . Thus, this positioning implies more the adoption of a certain posture “in the wave” or style of life “cool”, than a true dietary change leading to an improvement in health. Dietary change that except for what has already been pointed out does not have any scientific justification and that only an elite can afford, since the price of gluten-free foods is usually more expensive than their gluten counterparts. An unfair situation especially for celiacs who see how frivoliza with their circumstances .

For the moment, you see, with this scenario you could parody the song of Michael Jackson and his four brothers, Blame it on the Boggie (Echale blame the Boggie) and modify his refrain (translated) so that this way:

  • Do not blame the sun’s rays
  • Do not blame in the moonlight
  • Do not blame the fact that it’s a good time
  • Blame gluten boogie

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