The interest rates on loans are rising slightly, but soon interest rates are expected to rise more strongly

Anyone who plans to take out a loan to buy something new should hurry, because interest rates on loans are already slightly higher:

Germany is again in a growth phase, so the key rate has already been increased, now the first banks have already raised the interest rates on loans slightly, but if economic growth remains the same, interest rates on loans will soon rise even more, so it is advisable for everyone now To take out a cheap loan when you have planned purchases, such as a new car, renovation, household appliances or a condominium.

Who uses the best credit offers, the benefit of particularly favorable interest rates on credit.

To know in advance what a loan will cost can be the Creditolo loan calculator use, this tells you immediately online, how high the monthly credit rate will be of the desired loan. Similarly, Creditplus offers such a free online loan calculator.

If you are already a Volksbank customer, you can use the Internet loan, EasyCredit, which is part of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbank network and offers an advantage of 1% on online financial statements over the Internet, which can be saved if you uses the online order.

A further credit offers the German credit bank, here is a free Internet account equal with inclusive, as well as a visa card and EC Maestro card for cashless pay or withdraw cash at the ATM, so you are very flexible.

To find out which banks are lending on the Internet, there is the overview of the best credit providers and the overview of the best credit intermediaries

There are general loan terms and personal loan terms, personal loan terms depend on your own credit rating , to find out how your own loan terms are, you can make a free loan request using the loan request form.

The self-employed, freelancers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs should apply for the special self-employed loan provided for this, as it is specifically geared to the needs of the self-employed and thus significantly increases the chances of lending.