Settle high electricity bill with the help of a loan

Electricity is an important part of everyday life nowadays. Without him, for example, it would be almost impossible to cook, to cool food and deep-freeze. Most household appliances simply can not operate without power. Accordingly important is the punctual settlement of the electricity bill. However, it may well happen that this is much higher than expected. However, if the money you need is not on your account, then you need to act as fast as you can to avoid risking a power outage.

power cut

From debts amounting to 100 euros, the utilities are allowed to cut the electricity. In addition to the actual electricity bills then additional fees for blocking and reassignment must be paid.

In this country, the various power companies are already entitled to debit the electricity for debts of 100 €. In general, this is even more common than commonly thought. In such a blockage must be fought not only with unserviceable washing machines, televisions and refrigerators, but also with the costs that make up a blocking and the reassignment. Here quickly accumulate high fees, which must be paid in addition to the actual electricity bill in addition.

Because of this, it is very important to act immediately if it is noticed that the electricity bill is too high, or can not be paid. So it is usually still possible to act actively and come before a threat of blocking.

payment by installments

The various electricity providers often give a installment payment request instead. However, this must be paid in addition to the usual, usually then increased, installment payments in addition.

Sometimes it is sufficient to ask the respective electricity supply company whether the open account can be paid in installments. As a rule, the companies are not averse to this. However, it usually depends on what rates are suggested.

However, it should be remembered that, of course, even the usual installments are payable on time. These are adjusted after a high electricity bill, so that a higher load is expected here.

In general, if financially feasible, it is best to select a slightly higher upfront payment than the providers suggest. If you pay a small amount each month, you usually do not have to pay any or only a small amount for the annual electricity billing. Provided, of course, not much is changed in power consumption. If, on the other hand, you have paid too much, you will receive this sum back. The latter is of course much more pleasant than a high additional payment.


Provided that the respective conditions are met, the banks usually give a loan to settle the current debts.

However, to settle the electricity bill, it is also advisable to take out a loan. This is also possible, for example, if the electricity supplier refuses to pay installments or if you want lower rates per month.

Depending on the required sum, this may be a micro- loan or a small loan . For example, microcredits are often granted by the various banks starting from a sum of 100 euros. On the other hand, if it is a larger amount, then a small loan is eligible. In fact, the two loan types differ mainly in the amount of the loan amounts.

Normally, banks are not averse to providing a loan to settle the unexpectedly high electricity bill. After all, this is not about careless spending and it is not expected that this will be in the next few weeks, a new bill arrives. After all, you usually get only once a year a power settlement. An exception to this is relatively rare: this includes, for example, a move or a change in ownership.

However, lending to banks is also subject to a number of conditions. For example, only someone who has reached the age of majority will receive a loan. Likewise, a secure, regular income must exist. But the banks also attach great importance to a positive Schufa inquiry and a good credit rating. Furthermore, a German bank account and a permanent, German residence are usually also necessary.

In the case of a bank loan, it is usually possible for borrowers, within a certain framework, to choose the maturity as well as the monthly installments. Last mentioned during the entire credit term always the same, so you benefit from a very good planning and no negative surprises arise.

In most cases, borrowers are also guaranteed the right to special repayment at least once a year. Such a payment makes it possible to reduce the interest charges and minimize the remaining loan debt. If no free special repayment has been agreed, it may also be possible to pay special repayments for a certain fee, the so-called prepayment penalty . Because of this, it is absolutely advisable to first of all calculate well, whether the payment of a special repayment is really worthwhile.

After conclusion of the credit agreement, the amount in question is usually available to the borrower within a few working days. Once the sum has been posted to your own account, it is also possible to settle the current debts.

Tip: If there are more invoices in addition to the debts and / or you want to settle the MRP, for example, then it pays to select a higher loan amount here in order to compare the outstanding receivables at once. Then it is only necessary to pay a single installment per month.


A bank loan is ideal for paying the electricity bill.

If a high electricity bill can not be paid immediately from your own account, it is possible, for example, to ask the electricity supplier for an installment payment.

Alternatively, or even if the company refuses to pay by installments, or if the monthly burden is too high, a bank rate loan is also a very good choice. However, various requirements, such as a good credit rating, must be fulfilled. In addition, a installment loan is always repaid in constant, monthly installments, so this is a very clear, plannable loan. If there are other debts, it is an ideal way to select a higher loan amount and pay for it as well. So it is then only necessary to pay a single installment every month.

A bank loan is thus a good option to pay for open electricity debts quickly and easily. So you do not have to worry about the electricity supplier cutting the electricity.