Salary matching of firefighters and health, pensions and Bullfighting Museum will center the plenary session of Provincial Council

The salary comparison of the firefighters of the Provincial Consortium

dependent on the Diputación de Málaga, and of the Andalusian health personnel with the Spanish average; the situation of the public pension system and private plans; the use of the building of the Bullfighting Museum as the permanent seat of a flavor market in Malaga and the cutting of the subsidy to the Food Bank (Bancosol) are some of the issues that will be debated in the plenary session of the provincial institution in April, which is celebrated this Friday.

These are some of the issues that have presented the political parties present in the Diputación in urgent motions. Thus, the socialist group has lamented that in the same Provincial Fire Brigade (CPB) there are “firefighters first and second”, according to his spokesman, Francisco Rabbit, who has criticized that despite doing the same job do not charge the same salary .

“It is a situation of manifest injustice, it is neither incomprehensible nor understandable,” he said, pointing out that this “discrimination” is due to the fact that some professionals depended on the Provincial Council itself, “guided by its agreement”, and others are part of its own CPB. Thus, although “the idea was to equalize wages, this has been paralyzed and some charge 500 euros net monthly less than others for the same work”.

This “discrimination” leads, according to the general secretary of the Andalusian Fire Department in Malaga, Lorenzo López, to have to “look for life in other professions.” “We have no choice but to have a salary and we ask that they be equated and that we be the same as other firefighters at the regional level because the conditions of the Malaga Consortium are practically the worst in all of Spain and it is not fair,” he said, recalling that they are workers who must be “one hundred percent to give the best service to the citizen”.

At this point, Rabbit has waited for the support of the other political forces of the institution

At this point, Rabbit has waited for the support of the other political forces of the institution

especially Citizens, “who carry by flag the equalization of the Civil Guard and the National Police” with other autonomous security bodies. “If we care about them we must also do it with the firefighters, who depend on the Provincial Council, I want them to have the same responsibility.”

The Socialist asked the PP what is wrong with the firemen, recalling the labor dispute in the City of Malaga “that has been going on for more than a year and is a huge irresponsibility.”

The PP also takes a motion to the plenary session, in this case, to claim the wage comparison of Andalusian health professionals with those of the rest of Spain. The popular deputy spokesman, Francisco Oblaré, has considered “necessary to dignify the salaries” of these workers, so they will urge the Board to review the variable supplements of all health professionals, so that by the end of the year ” there is a full convergence with the national average “; to reactivate the career process “paralyzed in 2014” and to review the remuneration concepts and variables.

The urgent PP is about the “cut” in the subsidy to Bancosol

which has stopped receiving 675,000 euros, of the 850,000 euros that it had, since the money is provided by the Junta de Andalucía, according to Oblaré. “Before the money came from the cross that citizens put in the income statement but that competition has been transferred to the autonomous communities and this organization, which has been the support of many families during the crisis, now receives 80 percent less, 175,000 euros “, has criticized, stressing that they will demand the Andalusian Government to restore aid to this NGO.

IU-For the People and Málaga Now they present to the plenary a joint urgent motion, at the request of the Pensioners in Action platform, so that the Provincial Council urges the Government to reject the proposal of the European Commission to create a pan-European product of individual pensions. For the spokesperson of this group, Pilar Mendoza, Europe “presents the scam of the card,” with “large bonuses to private pension plans.”

“In the end we will have to pay what corresponds to Social Security plus private pensions and that is a scam in full rule, public pensions will go less, we will have fewer benefits and it is from drawer that fewer services will be given,” he lamented Mendoza

Citizens, on the other hand, takes as an urgent motion that the building of the Tauromaquia Art Center, “squatted by Juan Barco”, be recovered and destined to a permanent market of Sabor a Málaga, which “will result in the producers they are mostly in the interior of the province. ” In addition, “you would save the 400,000 euros that a Fair Flavor to Malaga costs where 90 producers expose four days, so that there would be 230 producers and throughout the year”.

For his spokesman, Gonzalo Sichar, the company that took over the management of the market “would have to improve the sales channel of the website” since, currently, “only 23 producers are selling, ten percent.”

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