Interest rates in the basement: Secure the cheapest loan of all time now

Now you can take the cheapest loan of your life. The extremely low interest rates on loans of all kinds offer you a historic opportunity that will not come back so quickly.

Interest rates have fallen sharply

In recent years, interest rates on the capital markets have experienced a rapid decline. Savers notice this because they are barely able to achieve a decent return on their capital. There will not be safe returns of four to five percent for the foreseeable future. While savers are suffering from the slump in interest rates, it comes as expected for borrowers. Because who wants to borrow money to invest it sensibly, which is currently very clear on the winner.

Very attractive loan conditions

Anyone who still knows the conditions for loans, which were five or even ten years ago, hardly dares his eyes when he sees the current offers of the banks . Just a few years ago, today’s interest rates were simply unimaginable. But now they are reality. Depending on the credit rating , loan amount and terms, financing at real mini-interest rates is possible. And best of all, borrowers, who are now securing the historically low interest rates, do not need to fear a renewed increase in interest rates in the coming years. Because their extremely advantageous conditions are fixed for the entire contract period. And this term can be for example beup to 120 months.

Pay off old loans with a new loan

Perhaps you are one of the millions of consumers who have existing loan agreements from the past. Then you have to pay the agreed installments to your bank month after month – sometimes even parallel to several banks if you have more than one loan. In addition to the loan amount and the term, the annual interest rate is mainly determined by the annual percentage rate of charge. And this interest rate at the time of the contract was much higher than it is today. By current standards, the old loans are so overpriced.

The solution to this problem is rescheduling : you terminate the old loan agreement and pay off the loan (or the various loans if you pay several) in one fell swoop. The high interest rates are thus a thing of the past. Now you only pay the installments for your new loan – and here the lower interest rates are noticeable with a significant increase in the account.