Expiry of a quick loan

Quick loans are very popular and, as the name implies, are characterized by their quick and easy disbursement. But what is the exact procedure here?

Quick credit

If you need a certain amount of money quickly, then you will certainly find it right with a quick loan. Within a very short time, the borrower receives the desired amount in his checking account.

A quick loan is mainly requested over the Internet. In contrast to a conventional bank loan , this type of loan is handled very quickly so that the borrower has the desired loan amount within a very short time. Accordingly, a quick loan offers, of course, especially if very quickly a certain amount for a variety of purposes is needed.


The expiry of a quick loan usually proceeds as follows.

Considerations in advance

So it is first of all, to think in detail about what loan amount is needed. However, this also includes considering how high the monthly installments should be and how long the term should be. For this, it is certainly best if a budget is drawn up by subtracting the monthly expenditure from the revenue. Of the amount left over, the loan is paid. However, it is recommended not to include the full amount for the loan , but also to leave a “buffer” so that you do not get into trouble in sudden financial emergencies. For a good planning, it is advisable to take some time for this.

Online loan calculator

After the personal considerations are completed, the application for the fast loan is certainly no obstacle. First, the online is loan calculator used the desired mortgage lender and there entered some data. This usually includes the loan amount as well as the term. Then the calculator determines completely automatically and in seconds the total costs , which also contain the interest . Of course, depending on your wishes, something can be varied and, for example, the loan amount adjusted.


Once the appropriate framework conditions are found using the online loan calculator, you simply follow the online process. Here, the online form, ie the loan application, filled out. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide a variety of personal information, such as name, date of birth and address . As a rule, further information, for example about your own income and expenses, is also necessary. In addition, it is possible to upload a variety of documents directly. These may be, for example, employment contracts, a copy of the ID card and the like. It is important that all information is complete so that the application can be processed.

Following this, the borrower is usually able to print out the loan application or, depending on the provider, he can also have it sent to him by post. Then the application must be signed and returned to the bank .


However, to apply for a loan, it is also necessary to verify yourself. Here it depends on which possibility the bank in question offers. In general, there are two options: the PostIdent and the VideoIdent method. For the PostIdent procedure, the applicant must go to a post office. There, an employee of the Post Office carries out the legitimization procedure and sends the application, together with the PostIdent coupon, to the provider. It is essential to take your own ID with you so that a clear verification can be carried out.

By contrast, the VideoIdent process does not require leaving your own four walls. Here, the verification is done directly with a bank employee over the Internet. For example, a PC can be used as well as a tablet or smartphone. However, a webcam must be available for this, so that the bank employee can compare the information on the ID card with those in the application. In addition, it is only so feasible for him to see if the photo on the ID card matches with the applicant.

Processing / Payment

Once the verification is complete and all documentation is at the credit institution, the application will be processed as soon as possible and the money will be transferred to the current account of the borrower. Subsequently, the monthly installment payment is made as agreed in the loan agreement.


Some credit institutions are already providing an immediate deposit after entering a small amount of data. However, one should exercise caution here, as this is usually not yet a binding loan commitment. This usually only takes place when the bank has received all the documents, including a completed application. Also, a legitimacy check must have taken place beforehand.

Tip: If you opt for a bank that offers the VideoIdent process, you will get even faster to the desired loan.


To obtain a quick loan, the borrower must meet the requirements of the credit institutions.

However, even with a quick loan, it is necessary to fulfill the various requirements of the banks . This usually includes a residence within Germany as well as a German checking account. Furthermore, a regular, fixed income and a good credit rating are needed. But also on a positive Schufa- information is placed here high value.

Quick loan for freelancers and the self-employed?

Such a loan is normally also given to these professions; provided that they meet the respective requirements of the banks.

In general, a quick loan for freelancers and self-employed is possible. However, these occupational groups must also meet the various requirements of the banks. Accordingly, it may well be worthwhile to apply for such a loan as a self-employed person or freelancer.


A quick loan is processed and paid by the banks in the shortest possible time. Thus, such a loan is especially useful when a certain amount of money is needed quickly.

The expiry of a quick loan usually always follows the same pattern. Depending on the bank, verification is possible either via PostIdent or VideoIdent procedures. Some banks even offer both options.

However, even with a short-term loan , the borrowers have to meet the various requirements of the banks. These include, for example, a good credit rating and a fixed, regular income.

As the name suggests, this is a credit that is characterized by the fact that processing and payment are very fast. Accordingly, a quick loan offers especially for those who need a certain amount of money quite quickly. This can be the case, for example, when your own vehicle suddenly needs a major repair or when the fridge breaks down.

In such and similar cases, a quick loan is an excellent option to get to the desired amount in the shortest possible time.