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Winer loans are fast and digital loans, where your loan application is automatically approved, where you can expect an immediate response and where the loan will be paid the next day. You can quickly and easily borrow up to DKK 75,000, and the loan agreement can, of course, be signed digitally with Nem ID. The loan process at Winer is thus fast, as it is not associated with a slow and cumbersome application or long waiting time subsequently. Apply for a loan today and get an easy, fast and digital loan from Winer loans. And you get your payout right away.

Winer loans quickly, digitally and easily are the keywords of the Winer Loan for their borrowing.
Below you can get information about the company and read about what types of loans you have the opportunity to record and how they are recorded.

It is a possibility that your loan application contains some information that cannot be processed automatically and therefore needs manual processing before the application can be finalized. This will help make it take longer before you get approval. Last but not least, this can also be because the connection between Winer’s system and RKI has been interrupted, which can significantly delay the loan process.

With us, the loan agreement is signed with New ID, which means that the loan is signed electronically. It is done in such a way that immediately after you have received the approval of your signature loan no credit check, you can approve the agreement with just your signature. Immediately after, the money is paid out in your bank account

As a consumer one can easily feel comfortable using Easy ID in this way. The easy ID is the same log in all places. It is used both for your online bank, your e-box and possibly your municipality’s self-service. It is also your Easy ID you see your annual statement and arrange your insurance policies. There is, therefore, no uncertainty in using Easy ID by borrowing. You do not send any personal information to the loan provider in this way.

However, you can borrow without NemID. This is done in such a way that a loan agreement is printed out and sent to the lender.

How to borrow money from Winer loans step by step guide.

How to borrow money from Winer loans step by step guide.

It is quite quick and easy to apply for a loan from Winer loans. The loan application processes can be divided into 6 steps. In step 1, the loan application must be completed online. Here, you need to choose your desired loan amount and maturity for the loan, and you will also need to provide a number of personal information that Winer Loans need to be able to judge whether or not they can offer you a loan. In step 2 you get either approval or rejection of your application, which happens online after approx. 10 seconds. If the application has been approved, you will get a loan agreement that you must sign in step 3. You can sign the loan agreement immediately after you receive it, which is done using NemID online.

In cases where the application requires manual processing, step 3 will be replaced with step 4, where you will receive a final approval sent by mail after the application has been handled manually within Winer’s opening hours. In step 5, a bank clearing takes place, which takes place every day. 14.00. Approved loans are paid immediately after the bank clearing has been completed. Usually, bank clearing takes no more than 2-10 minutes. At the end of step 6, the borrowed money will be transferred to your Easy ID account and you will be able to use the money directly after the transfer has taken place.

Quick and easy to borrow with NemID at Winer

Quick and easy to borrow with NemID at Winer

At Winer there is a focus on making it easy to borrow money, and that you can get an SMS loan today. The advantage of digital loans is that the entire loan process can go much faster when there is nothing to send by mail. When you borrow money from Winer, the loan agreement is signed electronically with Nem ID. Regardless of the location, Easy ID is the same log-in; Easy ID is used both for online banking, self-service in your municipality, to log in to SKAT or e-Boks. So you do not have to acquire or familiarize yourself with anything new to record a digital loan. It’s simple and easy.

Signing with Easy ID means that immediately after you receive an approval on your consumer loan, you are able to approve and sign the agreement electronically. This also means that the borrowed money can be sent out immediately to your bank account. There is thus minimal waiting time associated with recording a digital loan with Winer loans.

However, if you still prefer to sign the loan agreement without using NemID, then, of course, you also have the option. In case you want to borrow money from Winer loans without the use of Easy ID, you have to print the loan agreement yourself and send it to Winer

Automatic approval of the application with Winer

At Winer, they have chosen to automate the approval of the customers’ loan applications. This means that the processing of loan applications received mainly takes place mechanically. This is because just over 98% of all loan applications do not need manual processing, so the treatment can easily be automated. For this reason, you will be able to get answers to your online application immediately, and you will also receive a subsequent e-mail regarding the application’s approval, regardless of when the day you applied.

In cases where the application still contains information that makes it need to be handled manually, the application will typically be processed within 15 minutes of Winer Loan opening hours (between 8 am and 9 pm on weekdays, and between 10 am and 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Requirements for the borrower.

As an applicant at Winer Loans, you must be able to meet a number of requirements if you are to be able to apply for a loan. Like most other loan providers, Winer loans also have a requirement that you must not be registered in either Debitor Register or RKI if you want to borrow money here. Moreover, it is a requirement that you are of age, and thus have reached the age of 18, and have permanent work. In this context, you must have an income of at least DKK 150,000 or more annually before tax. Although you may risk rejecting your application if you do not meet one or more of these requirements – or because of something else – then no refusal of loan applications is justified by Winer loans.

All the information that you pass on to Winer loans is always treated confidentially and anonymously in accordance with the legislation for this. You are not required to apply for a loan with another person, but in many cases, it may be easier to obtain a loan from a Winer Loan if you and another cohabiting partner choose to apply for a loan together.

What to do in case of error?

As a starting point, it is rare that you will encounter problems when you borrow money from Winer loans. However, since the application itself is fully automated, in some cases something can go wrong. So what should you do in case of error? If the problem is that you have not yet received an email with approval on your loan, Winer Loan recommends that you initially await the email with approval. If you still haven’t received an email after waiting for a while, it is recommended that you contact Winer Loans.

There are several different reasons that can cause you to have no answer to your application. For example, if your email address is entered incorrectly, the system may not send you the approval. It may also be that your email account has a so-called graylisting, which is a form of spam control. In such a case, this means that up to 60 minutes of delay may occur on the mail. It is quite normal for one’s email account to have such a filter, as it helps to remove a lot of spam and thus never receive it in your mailbox. Unfortunately, the filter also just means that mail received for the first time from a new email address can be delayed.

SMS loan from Winer loans.

Winer loans offer the loan type Express loans easy loans. As a private consumer, you have the opportunity to borrow anything between 3000 and 75 000 kroner.

An imaginary example can be a loan of DKK 20,000. For this, the monthly benefit will be DKK 588 for 5 years. The benefit is the amount that you pay each month to the loan provider until the debt is repaid. With a benefit of DKK 588 a month, the total costs will ultimately total NOK 15 303. The total repayment amount will, therefore, end at NOK 35,303. However, the debt rate is variable and amounts to 13.53% after tax at a deduction of 33% and 20.2% before tax deductions.

Before tax, the APR is 28.2% and after tax at 33% deduction 18.89 as long as the payment is made via Betalingsservice. The APR is, moreover, an abbreviation for the annual cost of the loan, expressed as a percentage – also known as the loan’s kilo price. So it is the APR that determines how high the costs you will pay for the entire loan when this is paid out. That the interest rate is variable means that it can fluctuate. If the interest rate is variable, it can both risk rising and falling in the repayment period. It can thus move up and down as the general market interest rate develops. The opposite of the variable interest rate is the fixed interest rate, which remains the same throughout the repayment period.

Undo a loan for up to 14 days.

As a borrower, you have the right at any time to terminate the loan and redeem the debt without notice. At the same time, you have the right to cancel a loan for up to 14 days.

Loan 75,000 at Winer loans

Another conceived example with a quick loan of 40,000 will look like this: The monthly benefit will sound at 1143 kroner for 5 years. The total cost here will be DKK 28,580 with a total repayment amount of DKK 68,580.

Once you have filled out the application form for the loan, this machine handles just 90% of all other applications. There are about 90% of all applications that do not require manual processing. With these, there is thus a return response on the application via e-mail, stating that the application is approved – regardless of what time of day the application is filled out.

If, on the other hand, the application is handled manually, it will normally take 15 minutes. However, there is office processing for manual treatments that are in the period between 09.00 and 20.00 on weekdays as well as between 09.00 and 18.00 on Saturdays.

The procedure for the application is as follows:

First, fill out the loan application. This is done online and the application form is freely available on the company’s website. Then you await the approval, which you will receive via e-mail. This takes about 1-2 minutes depending on whether the treatment is done mechanically or manually. As mentioned, 90% of all applications are processed mechanically. Once your application is approved you will receive an email from the company with the loan agreement that you must approve with Easy ID and log in. If you apply for more than DKK 20,000, a scanned copy of your loan note must be attached to the email you have just received with the approval of Winer Loans. The loan is then transferred to your account associated with your Easy ID every day after.

Loan terms for Winer loans

Loan terms for Winer loans

There are usually some conditions attached to being able to borrow a loan. At Winer one of the requirements is that you must be 18 years of age and at the same time be of legal age. In addition, one must not be registered in the RKI. At the same time, you must have a permanent job and even have an income of over 150000 kroner annually before tax.

If you receive a refusal, you cannot expect a justification, as all information is treated anonymously and confidentially according to the legislation. You can easily apply for a loan alone, but it is easier to get a loan if you are two cohabiting legal applicants.